Friday, February 28, 2014


Adorned with the drapery that gunlight caught,
 form cast on an orb ship galaxies fucked
  into transparent existence, planet lands on planet,
   screens form in the witnessed sky,

 my nymph with an axe cuts the anti-umbilical
  cord to the wax church pumped with slime
   that rides barren hills in a scaffolding of dried white shit,
    and has no tower

and in ornamental fire, love comes blazing without a framework
 to fuel wells with earthen water, cannot be held, cannot be kept,
  granted in time, it ties the knots inside the climbing fists, amusical wrists,
   that cause music

In tumbling neverthelessness, chords throated through a tapestry of cells
 in the goblet of broken atmosphere, lovers of earth for new earths,
  to ferret around on lank cages, through tubes from infinity's plastic,
   to gather on fiberoptic rafts and burn calendars, to minnow past faulty suns
    in a death-copped instant.

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Iulia Flame said...

Oh wow.