Monday, February 17, 2014


Snow-sun, irreparable earth,
limbs linked in leather
driven with eyes to the banks,
the bowl-sides of town-planetarium
to the bulk of larger planets,
searing through thin layers of lesser stars
tin forks of battered cities
alleyways of accidental warmth
in the mess of civilization
where our bellies heat blood
for one another

Micro-town, a cell's existence,
tremulous to split the botched highway
where life makes way for murder
and a smashed hotel divulges one vibrating bed
nudged electric down the avenue
where we lay down and ride
to be rented by light
to be born from water

roads lower than the ocean
where our motors choked on music
we stepped out of antique doors

and took sight of each other, moon leaf wing
the pause of unstoppable things

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