Wednesday, February 12, 2014


From a bulb or underground as otoliths in the inner ear
even in cracks between stems and on leaves high
from his mouth and it was bright the body of the legend
strips of light on temple walls, in the colossal, belted globe

The flattened claws from the grave of 400, 000 kinds of sound
to rest in crow fashion to overthrow his father

A slitted disk was attached to the scribe's arms
and made the dead person come alive again
lean, tireless, and striking an electric arc

A cord of tissue extends from a small water pocket
his bullet-mould, ball-screw, wiper, awl & with a gun-stick
when blood has delivered tight ovens called retorts blood cannot return
blasting garden flowers and grasses and dulling razors

Spells fall from septa, or walls, holes or cans or chambers
horsetail black-eyed susan deerhorn ferns
subkingdoms in the center between the corolla

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