Monday, July 24, 2017

Rivers of bedsheets
washing up on a stone roof
galaxies in the chest bone
bursting past the mirrors
raw paint on scab wound garden
rust tank in a tear drop
on the animal lawn--
shades ripped on the sloping driveway
pretzel'd forms anointed by blue electricity
twigs turning on the windowsill
wasp's hook in the ring of flesh
digging and spring-bouncing
lewd rocks and tan hillsides
flanked in rolling fire of decay
are calling the trickle of ice
over radiated whispers.
Meat sticks kiosk'd
on a long concrete courtyard
walls licked by the ocean tide
frost touching fringes of rock
longitudes forsaken to the umbilical
boxes turning air
marble fenced chairs
and the wetness of bathing suits
the world drunk and the world whipped sane
weeping like madmen
the plastic alto sax on the soaked antenna
bicycle body stapled to a piano top
chains melting into maple
keys on a long stretched rope
clanging to nowhere
gowns in a taffy room
the pulp to a clenched fist closing

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My spinderella, young animal
with doll hair fetched from the breeze,
water lapping the full soft pubis,
feet poised on shells in the mud,
tits scorched by the edge of the sun,
shoreline reflected in a crease
on the churning forehead--

salt ears, waistline pierced with a cross,
a fiber of vaginal metal, priestess killer
who bewitches the burning piles,
bleeder on hills that rivulet to the valleys
with prompt ink, caves breaking and pouring,
her sainted hand bound in moccasin laces
soaked in fever dreams on my winding chest,
where she lies down to muffle action words
and observe her drippings on my bearded
chins lapping back from the wax of cracked mirrors
and bent fans in a razor's eyelash

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Burlesque of trees
stone walls hide blood of wolves and sheep
lattice of birds and ears
the flexing of their slender and vacant bones
question marks in the soil
from boiling magnetic answers
two faces turned to a kiss
who will be burnt away
apple halves who feast on dainty clouds
paste that answers to a skeleton
straps on the spreadeagled conqueror
tight as the teeth impact of the continents
wires in the window of the eye
bouquets of dark space in chutes
blooming against cruel light
trusting their helmets to a hammer
their tunneling has made
from the break in a swinging chain

Monday, July 17, 2017

Every planet had its own odor of flashing lights
with his hands in the air, he watched her touch the cloth of the wrong controls
that thrilling contralto, that lovely woman
a sea of wet concrete, links of green-and-yellow-striped sausage
vertical sunlight reflected back at the trunks of flowering trees

the file of animals and humans made its way out blissfully
they were beyond the main worlds of the planetary system,
the sea beds bulged strongly; the map was carved
the vehicle, having reached cruising speed, moved with absolute, smooth
computerized equivalent faster than any human in history--and
fifty forbidden worlds luminous and unrecorded on the galactic titanite lattice
honeybees growing in clumps were able to sting the distance
The factions tore me apart.
My mental home burned down.
Flowers crawl up among the edgeworks.
Vines curl around the cans
that carry our cast-offs.
Blooming and cracking earth
peers through the tar like flesh.
Tabled insincerity leaks
into the leaky pipes.
Milk cans of rainwater
jiggling on rows
of wood like wheat
Rooms sliding against
each other's emptiness.
Body-printed furniture
tumbling from picture windows
into the vast water.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A path I started cuts
through my guts on its way
to the altar of fire.
What are words in the woods,
what are limbs in the sea
of thought?

Hallowed blood surrounds me.
I am faked by the fundamental
thrust of the universe.
Urged to lose my vessel
to the immortality of others
finally I take my words out
of the clown's ears
and tumble down the stairs
out of the world's apartment house
and onto a green brown back street
singing for love of expecting none
walking in a stalemate's heart
with doorless hands
unstuck from the time of blood
by an embarassed price
crop of eyelids
orbs basking in a syrup of blindness
a weaponized void with cheers and whistles

push over a dawn's cracked wood
mushroom eyes on bent legs
crutch feet carrying a chair
the smiles and bellies and herbs on shelves
all going hurt to the remanufacture
relived by minerals and vitamin salt
to the root of the time-socked nostrils
and leaking pap.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A tadpole sun
in its silver slime of clouds
fog drilling tar through rubber afternoon
while steps of shadow selves
collide all around the torn up shrubs
gravity's hold gone lost glove in a tide pool
ripped roots and soil's water floating up
to slap a sea of helmets on descent
suds on the new wobblers
mesh on tin over shrunken faces
the day our bellies slapped together
and sent lunar through a small tunnel
an anvil's tongue
the arm of an ax
big aching web
boiled down to a stuck dot.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Imitated by the shadow, twilight limbs laid out
carpet to the cliff, bright lens tapped by charcoal
to the napkin's inner eye, long legless table
drifting past the brokenness of line-walkers,
suicide attempters and signpost smokers
the world of civilization folding up like a document
carefully prepared for some time.

Rugged in the surf, parched on land
ridding spandex of all vines, reaching like an oil,
patching the sun with captured water
hellish underbellies of ships turned up to face
it's let loose, the undulating eye
at the center of the planet that never sleeps
rending our obnoxious oxygen.

Knuckles scraping on the forests they've parched
naked through the woods, rediscovering stone
in the midst of reaching fibers, long tuberous faces
that reach out of a mossy cleft
and put a hex on daylight.

Claims that eat the speaker's face
and the ears of the sightless listeners,
bronze torpedo beltbuckle cute
the violence of capable people
an eggpole and none
the zilch tone
of animated blood.