Monday, September 26, 2016

Nothing brings New England to mind
the reds, golds and yellows of autumn blitz
one hundred twelve still span Vermont waterways and New Hampshire salt
Vermont roads only twelve covered bridges kisses in the long wet highways of
thunder in the thistle on the grapevine

tongue's costume hung on the air
hang-glazed body of warning dreams
prow sunk in pollen depths
wig fractured & spun by pink
an orange pyramid
spilt by oysters:

pock marks of civilization
the hull of eternity,
windows nonetheless part,
lengthen roads of petal sash
past dams and over packed logging roads
where leaps are uneaten by sight,
abandoned, the seeker can free time
lakes and lakes of his saliva
on machine sand.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fern shoes wrapped in newspaper
thudding through the perfect forest
mushrooms floating in propane
reflections of gone spirits in flak
trail zoom broken car bodies
engines leaking blood of time
pine sap on the temples of the head
root shadow painting ceilings now
swamps of latex floating golf balls
past graffiti cathedrals candle penetration
zig zag gods in dome dust
running paths to the junkyard heart
leaves of beard turning over thawed hands
mad eyes on the piston pumping in core's oil

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Long highlands blossoming like blades
from mountain ridges, salted with
punctured angels, rubber low hills
waiting to catapult the avalanche
that flows through the deformed
skeleton of a fanged moon,
broadcasting rings of violet light
towards a scepter of burned eyes.

Shelves of chopped-up glue
letting go of a black hole.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Grass bodies dimming on the body
of a dying sun.  Hips that swivel
in a coil of snail's shell.
Quartz lemons stuck to a pool's edge
while twilight inhabits a single leaf
from a wire of the moon.
Hallways of photo walls billowing
with red steam from the heart
of an electronic bedroom.
Signposts split by lightning
that falls frozen to a liquid earth.
Chiles split by the knife that lose teeth
on a long tables of dying metal.
The composition of faces coming apart
in a force-field of dirty piano.
Chalk outline of the sun,
valleys of shining blood that hold
its emergent engine.
Moon glowing in the throat of a frog.
Pestle of gravity won by mass,
grinding thistles to bits
meant to cut open the heart,
subtracted from the breeze.
Android buds that break lips.
Cold scissor that invents the cycle's
total collapse.
Vanilla time encrusted in the salt
of its own error.
Boxed-in mouth that screams
eternity through all the wires.
Fern tips tracing loins that erupt
with yellow jackets and wasps,
the city heart of bees,
raped and vacant farms
humming blues beneath tumbling stones
where the nest rhymes with a dead lung.
Townships on pedestal wrists
birdhouses toothpicked into flesh
roads crumbling through wicked circulation
yellow roses pressed in bloom
against the wind's world-wide shield,
rattling on the orb of a blood-shot eye,
iris speaking with infant blood mouth,
houses tangled by their snakes
shedding lights on a battered runway,
ears fanning the portal of the end
light crashing down the arc of a frozen wave
toward the desertion of control's ideas
where ten robins tangle over a vast desperate worm
gripping the lawn with two ends of its bisex
guns of wood arrayed around its table of earth
quarries drained an architect's corpse
his arms in the veins of the hills
twitching with a heartless attack
from the powder of his cinnamon blood.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ships of ice land in the sun
make music for fallen radios
sails of silken ears drift through the razor's cumulus
waters crinkle like foil
as the waves are pounded down by a vast hand
oven earth sighs first and last
as her drained passengers escape the grave's fingers
knuckles cracking as multitude's blood ascends to ozone
flames of gold leaf trickle through cranial eyes
outdoor armchairs left to rust on a football field mirror
skeleton's feet kicked up
emptiness waits for guns and blades to melt
a locket hung from the neck has an unbroken keyhole
whose cavern connects to the caves of a sliding mountain

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lightning bolt limbs
anchoring the body in the revolt
of an eaten sky.

Yellow rose of mouth
sending a brokenness of blood
through the kneecaps to bend time.

Ditch gardens ruled by salamanders
under half-rotted logs, sink-bugs alit
on blueberries to find tongues,
as orange lives lose tails to small hands
senses recoiling to fall      in the earth's basket
of dry leaves, a crackling atop
the sanitarium of mud.

Frog trills that pierce the ears
above an unfrozen pond,
collywobbles that swim
over sunken shields of stone.

What rends the clouds reaches a skeleton
with propane fists and forms of many
genitalia sculpted in pine sap,
totems of hermaphroditic scripture
in the plain sand stroked by snake's bellies
the cum of a clear-swept day.
Head's a shell of smashed dreams
on the fifteenth third floor
berserk conundrum of body
learning and shaking
grinning life into the mirror of death
my cat and I are suffering spines
she tears her hair out with her teeth
while I do the same to my spirit
music blurred by a fan and wire's creak
ducking through image walls into piping rooms
letting wood sing to the metal that lives
stabbed in the heart by the heart's ideas
naked under the velvet surprising years
newer and older than the water
washing my reluctance
to live

Monday, September 12, 2016

Breeze of tattered voices
flowing over a willing body,
snagging on its luminous hairs,
goblet hands failing to hold water
as a river of blood points to the sky
as the only escape.

Twigs that swivel on aged skin.
Light that seethes from a mottled trunk.
Branches yielding planetary fruit
worlds thrashing their eons
in sorrow of destruction
cresting blooms that ride its fire
blinking to be seen among eyes
that never move, glued fast
to a dead prime mover.
Breasts of the river tip sky
into the ribs of walking death
a bottled smile fills up
with radiated hatchlings
robot birds from the foil
that crows peck;
tools of frozen earth
disintegrate on contact
with the warrior lover's lips
who eats bridges and airplanes;
the cornerstone of sculptured dreams
is flipped to the top
of a skyscraper.
Worlds on tap in smoke
from the fire of a painted journey
pouring eyes behind a gate of oil
rooms in a towering hat that rents space
the killing lid that milks frozen boys
sawblade mouth that frees a flexed abyss
learning blood building cemetery brains
on a capital vapor and a pepper's breast
time's yield of park benches burning
vinyl ponds tobacco gloves
moving dippers through wide water incensed
the barking frogs of innocence
in a four-stringed demonic throat
Dawn wreck on seaside lips
where the caves gulp faint blood
kissing wood where heels broke slate
bark face bark hands
rouge forest on an ember of brocade
tilled earth swallowing shovel bodies
beer veins neglected fate
the rap of water on empty foil
amp corners speaking to coiled wire
thin rubber of a body's hose
pushing the maze of time along a burning deck
watching its labyrinth spaghetti
into mini hatch intestine
hurt smiles that praise its wounds
a clucking edible computer.