Monday, February 20, 2017

Footprints on the backs of long arms,
linoleum breastplates, shining violet
gingerly replacing the sun,
tree lids anointed by dust,
heated hallways smitten with gas,
a zebra curled up in the palm
of a vibrating hand,
the smile of liquid things
in the hammock of a downward arc,
four streets converging into a melted star,
a fold of soft concrete,
before the muffled languages tap
their earthquake heart,
dancing on the damages of chrome
through the fumes of a setting world.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Soft footed on a broken bridge
toothbrush pocket and a long walk
to the diamond-cracking factory
brother sister nemesis births
loves parched and separated beyond what speaks
doses ripped from fresh suited armor face
frame heard frame ribs frame flesh
in an aching comma
and he follows a rain cloud
to the vast pan of the sea
wearing my clothes and sizzling

Saturday, February 11, 2017

In the dawn burn
I saw the earth open a new heart
the crushers on the horizon taking a lunch break
pistons streaked with zinc and the blood of the caves
graphite lungs on the water-wet rock walls
shimmering twilight stored in a fissure of the time stream
in the hidden ground of a thousand year march
to the crag peak land's impossible empire
gushing and walking planetary years
to spill on the belly and bed down
with no calendar drone's bones
as green takes the shutters' transparency.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Boom boom sticky rip
flipped magnets racing lips down
corridor of mercy that melts
the edges of many battles
tool shop of silent ears and rabbit shadows
burning hyacinth thrown against a rippling wall
blade's flight ended in a stump of ages
burned hall's coal mirror of reshaped souls
plucking with finger thumbs
long sounds over the arc of rug fur
ropes around the belly of a drum
signing palm print letters on wood
sending flocks to their unfulfilled longing
whipped with the flick of a list
names assigned like uncooked rice.
Doom of life always present within me
calling bridge to bridge
watching the monkeys on the highway
watching the violence eat shapes and space

cauldron of error which persecutes violence
clogging the blood system of root, error
of oblivion, error
and of wakefulness questioned by constant clamor
near dark and asking light

what palpable being takes air
and recycles its colors, eating
and remembers its wearing cycles, eating
and remembers
its fading nature like a tooth
in the everlasting fabric of resistance.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Fugitive everywhere I go,
few dawn voices,
mostly sliding suns,
pines lapping the ticket of fire,

fugitive everywhere I go,
shrugged off by transport,
severed by extending universe,
newly ported,
ducking through meals,
split by a lunar gash,
knuckled under by tar like fleas, like lice
diminishing in spite of crude multitude,
sagging from angelic haste
and leaving it behind for the maggot's carcass,

fugitive everywhere I go,
I lunch with gigglers to attempt,
I leave with many shadows to burn in,
I stock the haunted cafeteria,
I print the waffles and the stacks of books,
flung to the skim milk,
charged with keeping the temperature gauge lively,
slept on by the slept on,
unsheeted with the sheeted,

fugitive everywhere I go,
I stun the cooler, I slither
onto metal bars,
I crawl through acid pools
on a grown-over and pock marked playground.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Spatially distorted eyes,
wax wings, claw feet on quartz
piling intestines, crossed heart
a walking fog
a tenement bridge in moss
tenor draining wounds
into a high sack
big lit laboratory crashing
the spark from the blade of a plow
drowned into season.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Hey flowerettes, flung down
on hallowed concrete,
do you scream to the belly of my only womb,
do you desecrate, do you break,
is there a speaking in you that decorates
the wet lakeside rocks,
does the park infiltrate
its own service with lapped-up drones,
is we cloaked in a great conspiracy,
pounded and spread
beyond the nature of moss and fog
with a beaming greased nose
reflecting time's hate, time's
moods and time's tug of wounds
convinced by fullness thereof ?