Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Geese with microphones
lonely hills of sacred blowjob sites
from the ancient days
planet terraformed by the gaze
of a vibrating hermit,
bard fled from the ski lodge
on fire: belt strapped across the bridge
of the emperor nose, top lip sneering
in animal reawakening;
retreated to a force-field
of imaginary data.

And I hungered in the banquet
of his tower's basement,
betrayed by the binary tribes
in the binary time.

And the map dampened by blood
of long nights clung
to the edge of my gone bed
'til the fabric all round
wrang color and thickened and juiced.

All the flat combed lawns aburst with
purple water.  Leaking sky addresses.
Nicks that canyon when gazed upon.
Decapitations painted and repainted
during supper.  Tubs of the thousand
cast-off snakeskins, lights that hang
over the crust from long unbreakable wires
in the air of the embankment
belief in time, and the choreography
of history, or in this kissed mutt.
Worms of Zeus arcing soil:
the honks overhead reading their alphabet.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Water haunted by hesitant swims,
reflecting houses emptied by the anvil,
cartoon bubbles of dialogue floated
on genital clouds,
peninsula of hardened blood peaking
into the river's mirror of mountain,
pouring hordes of pencil-diving souls
into physical clinics and cynical lecture halls
where I hauled trash to be reproduced.
Island pines
nested by vaporous birds,
depositing furry eggs,
fouling the berry,
heating the shore with root reach,
shingles disrupted by time
light looking back,
streams of rot blank
reaching for the gutter leaves
with their pattern of hands.
Chaos links ways of life
prairie's a flung rug steaming
cataract of swamp life mask
keys to the love of the wind
mind's evaporation in salt and fat
boiling wave at porch step bottom

crabs at the ankles
strings belch electric fire
drum taps on the deloused bed
eyes in the waterfall of eyes wincing
ghost soul of eyes who doesn't comb the mirror
sleep-holder of ghouls who stuns coin
into the box of neon music
champion of the spazz dance
who died laughing on tablets
rose raked with a leaf of his own
skin on his beard.
In the sun-smashed skull
a bicycle path winds hot tar
teeth come out like an ice cream truck
beaming failure

chain link worlds
on a spike through the planet
cloth cabin that undergirds
the vacant hills

stun me stagger me orbit
pile me up with your rays
I'll stalk dams with bratwurst
stammering footsteps in a magnet haul
watching doorways shrapnel
reel deep in the soil of death stamping
I'll build a hole.
For the cherry blossom in the fountain
of the water of life,
torn shades that have broadcast summer,
quake-cracked roads, salt baths
in the pine-led loins
of the hills,
and dark water lying still.

A citadel of bottles
in the storm-packed woods,
ooze of underskin
leaning the horizon,
forked demiurge in the leaking
harmony of upward
canteens on naked spines
berries glinting like coal
candelabra thoughts, trees, nights
pedestal'd on a wish knockoff.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dapper wands of great effort
in the diving field,
long fins on hot compass of water,
taut mongrel dog
learning to eat upright.

One of the defeated
whose dreams proceed.
Consider my hands:
what more is there
for them to wring into life?

Strumming our graveyards, my cat and I
let ourselves into the big books.

And a wave shapes the world
for our feet.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Ripe dandelions float
on the circuitry of stems
that a moon has pinpricked
with water.

Maps under roof don't point
where their seeds let go
of the green light.

Duration may plant them like notes
in a ship's slab of melting land.

Copper skies may rub them off time
starve highways of hammered clouds
and let them slip through a core
of silken metal,

where echoes find worlds like home
for the curve of bio.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Slab diners worked on the glacier heart
cracked heaves denied the shining web
leaden rabbits in a coin press fire
lots pocked by meteor kisses, glass
notes on the compass raft arrangement
of riddled flowers and soft vines
pouring out of a mechanical water clock
a magazine fist tied to vapor prick
world rippling over a rocking chair
soup cold on a high deck dried leaf
long spoon in a syrup of shadow
to hide the thorn in light
a hair cut barn.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Squirrel feet on harpsichord keys
rivers on tap through electric mouths
the whoosh cube of long empty space
letting off circuits of bronze hair
to the gashes of planet green
violet runs in the sex network of atmosphere
quirking age through a lens of unsacred light
phones of foam thud on dark ears
spilling suds of skin to parched air
trees bathed in their own apple heaps
droids linking ink hands over the rhubarb patch
spastic fences rolling up into cones
drilling wood and wire through earth and oil
reluctant fabrics bleeding through the blossom'd void
on the tin skyscraper's diving board.
Bridges of nightshade
spun by vines of entwined bird bodies,
bones on web of water's map,
a circle of brick eyes painted bread
multiplying hoops of raw blue light
chimneys of weathered salt screaming skate graffiti,
burrito hearts pouring black beans of blood
to the gutter's river of reproductive oil.

Scents of straightened hair
in the sink of the valley.
Stairways cluttered with broken signposts
and sexual bicycles.
Moon ways of concrete ascent
that spin with gang kisses.
Monuments of crud that angle
deep into a heap of lilac.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The body's book, cleft by falling in tar,
porcelain snake on the curved glass
of an all-seeing eye, ponds of flesh
simpering under the silence that overhangs
like a glove with torn fingers
sprinkling stars.

Veranda of broken names
mutated by wind from a different planet.
Basketball that bounces by itself
on a long empty court,
increasing in music.

Stage that takes the milk of life
and puts it under the drill of lights.
Animal without a dance to its name
going under the mothership to fuck it.
Breeze that paws the public floor
with stringed limbs.

Downy feathers fouling harps
on the pleasure-stretch
of a cat's limbs.