Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bright flow of broken sky
feathering on slates to write
the end of life,
xylophone porches dangling wheat,
kissed fur and whipped fur melting eyes
from the ancient glacier's interior,
refrigerated doors protruding tusks,
drums on roofs of stored grain,
boxed-in ribs burning through
the flesh of a fat white belly,
spear tips scrawling in cursive
on the hull of an evil ship,
unraveled hands dangling on busted keys,
a riot of geese in chalk dust halls,
twitching assemblies repainted
in gasoline glories, meteors
furrowing the careful
narcissistic graveyards,
mate carrying mate
into the caverns of blue fire.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Curtains melting on the sun
let through the tinkling ice
from cracked and flowing beyond.

Dunes of plastic salt
surrounding the disabled fuckers.

Slashes that bleed bodies
through the grid's wide fabric.
Those injured by non-earth
limp past

to a basement at the bottom
of a small pond.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

In the hollows of ornate empty space
that the body hides,
I place petals with no messages
dripping sulfur, curling on the fire of my bones,
draping the angles with velvet heat,
all earth's trees leading up to a skull
in which the fat of whales and tinker toys are
calculated by a musical laundromat
depositing cigars and masked lips
on the wet concrete's
fractured infinity.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ribbons roll the sky
she left behind and cleft
from what was closed.
Dawn tapping the earth
from clay-gloved fingers,
birds falling off into woe.
Voices softly sharing harmony
above a picnic table,
bodies of water turned
upside down surrounding
them kissing slime'd air.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice floes caught in the bramble river
trembling on thorns
light tapping corners
sky's crunch touching time
blood feathers in the frozen walls
of death's civilization
shelves thin as hair
give way like vagina
houses spinning like dice
items of cared-for exhibitionist history
falling from the dock's city
bright warships wretchedly ripped
and eating the dog shit of their deaths
in the oily, luxuriant
earth water.
Lemongrass highway glowing
cat teeth on the bright fiber optic tips
brown sky raining heat on tap water lakes
broken rocks on the earth's core teeth
long alien tunnels erupting salt
to the fire-branded surface
thirsty trees in the grip of flailing power lines
cones of meat and wood
plunging through wide veins of slain atmosphere
lifting buckets of painted blood
searing blades on the announcement screens
bend to flick hairs they scraped
from the heads of running monks
hills part for the footpath
of a screaming escapee
in the programmed wind.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bright empty wheels silkscreen
my circulatory body, lifting
wires from satin, pushing shores
of clay from volcanic sand,
flashing alphabets erased
from the backstage eyelids
pulling golden ropes
as they punctuate a graveyard forehead
with leaking light
cracked slates crushed chalk
dust the suit of a corpse
in a strawberry patch
near a jug on a porch
that is holding the dark milk blood
of the myriad galaxies'
alive candelabra.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Terror reflected in the afternoon moon
sun on the armor of daylight
shells that shake the trees
fires blooming in the palm of a hand
bark suits and lichen eyes
computer circuit shields rain spat on
palace doors opening a redwood
moistened eyes on the longest limb
reaching sky or ground
as the earth rejects its seeds
and the golden frames of wide rivers
are stripped by the water's grief
wrapped in lava's robes
and pierced by a thimble.