Thursday, December 13, 2018

A platform of ice
deformed by sunlight.
Spindly crucifix body
spine glued to an icicle.
A screaming long-toothed mouth
buffeting concrete.

Steamroller's glass cylinder
portraying cut hands.
Thin white walls flaking
on the continent.
A tunnel that meets
the underside of a drum.
Winking fiber optic lava
in the halls of earth.

Sanctuaries of cornstalk walls
naked in grey pits of water
rain cracking the high leaves
in the quaking outskirts.

Severed tendons
that gush like reproduction
against a bulletproof sky.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Spires of domes
from breaking seeds
with tongues of reflecting knives,
channels carved in bulbous hinges,
a circle of high-backed chairs
clawed feet sinking
in soot-streaked clay.

Ball-shaped bricks
in the action of cellular mud,
threads of gum
following thick-veined eyes,
a cushion of compacted grass
biffed open by a rain
of skulls.

A solitary toilet by the river's
hammering roar, a frozen tent
of printed paper resting
on electric twigs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Boughs of ant limbs
gelled together with spiked fingernails
hives of knotted silk
dragging a glass panel
to a purple wash cord
wooden cushions for painted people
knobs and pinholes on a high wall
log cabins rolling in water
the laughing symmetry of sky bones
crashing the barrier's heart
stalks bending boxes aloft
concrete blocks trailing blossoms
pushing thorns and needles
to the steaming hay
fevers in antenna
old stereo holes dilating on mud
the legs of loving chairs
for the bent god
pressing copper and lint control buttons
gathered sighs and whimpers
through a pink hoop of screams
the recorded hereafter.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

A web of clouds
with clinging bones
a sidewalk cut away from Earth
on a pyramid of soil.

Trails of brown fur
speckled with miniature red leaves
shot-out eyes in the evening.
Trunks unfolding bark
that clenches walnut teeth
berries popping on a collarbone
the scissor's mindscape
of armpit portals.

Windows cracked by a flying
horizontal door
a sail torn off in
creaking hinges.
Pools of aging money
sinking to a concrete court
a jump rope's bags of blood
to blur the ever turning mouth
tongue's hearth and couch
cut lips rolling mint in lavender.
A path of thrown-out roses
rotting into scum green footprints
slim nakedness slapping painted metal.

Perms of frosted glass
winking in a window of tar.
Fire hydrants chugging
under the cemetery arch
on gloved hands.

Squares lighting up
through the fissures
of a punctured heel.
Tiger's flank calling
to bamboo string pick
beneath the spray of nails.
Bedpost's core among
the snaking branches
each cat of nine tails
trailing bulbs and curtains.

A visor at a cave's lip
meeting the brow's one horn
this galloping prism
swinging melodious irons
dripping a stack of cards.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

They burn me down to a cold eye
lingering in the ground.
Trees come up on pulleys and wires
bushes painting roots
infertile mountains of thought.

Pregnancies of thorn earth
crumbling heaps of sound.
Peak lips on the points
of tapering leaves.

The bars of the cage
turned to bananas.
Sodden cries from the corner basement
pushing nets of lamb's heart
scales of a curving cliff
swinging chains of caked feathers.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Chopped rocks on the roof
beads of lopsided rain
oozing from cracked threads
beneath the diamond pattern.

A steamed eye
burning through its casing,
mane of clumped trousers
powdering the glass wind.

Limbs of trapped water still beating
in the curves of eruption.
Seeds following the hollow frame
of a metallic button
nailing the fringes of flying walls
to ancient brick.

Sand storms under the thudding cavern
of a plastic dome.
Light tugging ropes of rubber
over the tangled veins onscreen.
Palm-prints in butter
a mop's head on the moon reflection
marble yard's wedge
of linoleum cheese.

Monday, December 03, 2018

A trail of peaks for flying feet
trunk rippled by the stripped air
ice trail to ice trail
skidding cliff side edges
spikes in the earth and a smoking hand
wood frames on the zone's glass eye
carved by metallic fingernails
dropping whacked-off pulleys
to a bed of stones.