Friday, October 19, 2018

The dock's landscape of uneven boards
glinting with rain and clapping sea surface
long worms on the jutting end piece
piercing steam
generating tunnels in the soft curves of the body
flickering morphic waves
on the android's slender beach
the last human form
naked holding a fish pole
letting the sun soak his hide
with an imagined hatred
and loving it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The cancer flames up in my head
I am a singing bush in the rain
on a wide and mossy trunk
speaking and singing alone to the big void
lines of teeth on stone lips multiplying outward
sending up fiber optic lines
the office ceiling of deep caves
torn menus glue rolled to curving walls
bluebells springing from the close corners
short shelves stacking space
into the agony of my ribs
gills in the searching arm that claws
after me all my life
lowering closed
legs finger an opening.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

A friend of beaten wood
barefooted on frozen sand
watching huts and brick barriers
light up the universal pillowcase;
parallelogram of melting film
skidding on the horizon
scum gloves and handles soaped
in the chain of their electric smoke
eyebrows tied together with paper tassels
bulbs glowing from a milk bucket
broken bones tied together
with microscopic speech
soft arc of yielding avatars
giving way to sparks.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I encamp in the tear ducts of the beast
snorting fumes from an acre-wide mouth
that chomps the radiant tree tops
spitting twigs on the vast
hand print of the earth's shape
the vital pulp and stringy nectar.

Plateaus of steamrolled salt lick floors
glistening wooden slabs on ice crates
eyes in a linkage of girders.

Airplanes circling in fog
earth's roboticized surface.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Red walls slide
upwards out of the earth
splitting fanatic dancers
tides on the raw grass
reflecting falling parts
to the cold eyes in the trees
and the claws on high stone
a waterfall of hawks
breaking on the multitude
the fire of their tearing beaks
streaking stained air with fresh poison
flowing follicles of soil's heat
eating empty bones.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Complexity stamped into floors,
a dream of well made things,
a dream of female offices
laid out under bug-torched lights,
canvas walls tacking to the heat,
rugs washed in cold bleach
and the beards of sliding corpses,
fishhooks in the eyelids
of gazing fish men
sterile miles paid under
in plastic wrap
lamps and gashed pipes
at the scene of the body's
last disappearance
soul rising in tabletop reflections
trout's face peppered with salt fig
anonymously deep.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Vagrant sounds flow
over the whole earth.
Paths yield worms
and encircle the towers.
Seats on a stack of straw paddles
fountain's faces of leather.
Old friends in their afterlives
pawing through stacks of records.
Names and personalities
piling up on the ceiling
train's nose in the cabin window
puffing steam's rag of speech
shelves of iron and silver
hilltops and lower mountain ledges
all a rented field of dancing girls
branches dripping with stuck fog
deep in the lane of a twitching video
smirking through cracked ice
backfiring over the steamrolled land
hands on the antenna's many wheels.
Specks of space
and half lit back rooms
popping rings from velvet turf
and fog peeled sky
past the linked chains
the engine sitting still
under a skeleton
I switch the growth light on
under a veiled lip of cliff
the city is a glass model
with a passing flame
dancing hyenas on beloved brick
making the sea waves sit down
and the bobbing furniture