Friday, June 15, 2018


I speak of the wood and water
that became a man,
of the sunken valleys
drummed by bright fists
into sails and gunshot posters,
pools of crimson epoxy
that the gardener's fingers
cannot rub off,
vines and hands and depths
murk of eyes that carry diamonds
to a crushing reservoir,
the veins of great empires
going slack and rubbery
for space and escape,

I speak of the man
upside down for his flying feet,
the clusters of rug fiber and grey walls
that are called squares,
the cacti in the mouth
of an infant who can speak,
ten thousand scorched moons
coming with hacked-out windows
in the same sky,

smeared by the cellophane of my breed
I speak of a chair in the wilderness,
a stunned wasp on fire in the palm of my hand,
of the black woman who was crucified
and brought the world to rest,
and a rim of gut-unraveling laughter,
the armrests of a censured noon
blinking daylight to blood,
the curve of my foot's arch a girl's torn body,
her heel on the fork of my brow
giving way to the stab's pluck
of parts for computer

two souls like newts on a dark bandanna
afloat with an ancient array
plank's worm grain
fish sap of new orders
oozing into place.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Skin-sent light
burning elements of my cloak
she ladles at the trough
watching pigs' noses,
snorting talk
long shiny wood devoted to her altar
fake and pressed flowers
the living bulb
resides on my kitchen table
in or out of water
the rooms all sing to her absence
she is so many, she has so many sisters
brows heavy with meaningful scribbles
the baby goddess hand
on a landscape of flattened wheat
torsos buried in milk mud
spouting brass fountain breasts
in the chemical aisle
rice fed on salt and moon panel
clotting transparent skulls
whip handle stuck to the river
and a costume dragging
a lurch of lips,
a birth control chamber
of antique weaponry
glinting canine alphabets
and sinking veins in teeth
a valkyrie scrubbing
zeroes of starchy wires
from a smoked-in porch
dangling glass keys
from her tits of mercy.
Bicycle spoke fangs
nudging gills of bone
pushing heated dials
with frozen hairs
chair leg arms
and cushion spine
door frames of clear running water
teeth in heaps of brine and metal
windows in cut feet
cut mouth and hands
cut muscles of upholstry
the staffs and mops and straw
over polished and melted seams
cold throats of pissed-at eyes
rolling chains
a pulley of broken elbows
storing wheat in paper
pink air in a cupboard of lungs
a cylinder of cotton
leaking elastic cells
and strings of wood crawling.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Bundles of crumpled metal branches
swinging from a sad chin,
stars on the elbows frothing,
a cracked knee, a stabbed heel,
decentered head throbbing
in blood without gravity
beneath the whirlpool skin.

Register of chipped fingers
and antique shirts,
glass bulb of examining eyes
a ribbon over the hillside.
Shelves of painted bread
and packaged icicles.
Napkins of verbiage
done up in a cream puff wrapper.
Spokes that hold the tabled wheel
smoked and greasing a pig's ear.

Minnows exploding across
the silver reinforcements,
a fountain room waffle iron
printing graves on a sheet of salt.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The same as.
Mirrored clouds
an energy of false abandon
all trickling away.
Guardrails for sitting and smoking
couches by the riverside
a good pair of attic headphones
ditches and scissors opening boxes,
pulsation of broken sheaves
in the vale of thorn velvet
brown rabbit dash for the iris
my body a clay foot
the overturning of all things
with a grip.

The backyard's green glove
draping machine teeth silhouettes
splitting vapor and planting scars
his communion of hot liver
tree trunk's horizon
and berry acid.

Monday, June 04, 2018

When the day I prepared for so long
comes in emptiness,
comes with its wide streets quiet
I want my damp solitary grayness,
my unscreened corners
flapping wings to disturb the dusty colors,
the messages of drains hiding it all
deep in the earth.

Let the trapped grain
be under its cloud
trickling varied innards,
flutes in muck and long tables
swept by sheen of mirrored light,
a vision of watery commas
bisecting scripture to fall
into a thousand halves,
the knelt-on pebbles
holding meteoric graveyards
and prismatic holes.

Outside the courtyards and ballrooms
of observed bodies
a rounded cusp,
a shell's cracked edge
flowing with optic follicles.
Walls, gateways, pools, and mineral acids
fresh international ultraviolet journal container
and pendulums, mirror group spirit voodoo antenna,
thousands of grape hyacinth snowdrops. snowcaps, squill,
storage rooms, galleries and many dried blueberries out of an overshoe
a gigantic clothes branch with little mud patties on it.

Inside is a hollow room, high eons ago,
the dense fur, trapping a well-packed pile.

Cloaked in silver against the freezing dozens
in the ice I could see a great sleek body
on his way
The urgency of certain doorways,
certain root-seats under spreading branches,
places marked by stones that drift and wander;
frantic blood of so many nights,
irresistible sheen of broken vessels
laid out in the pale morning
on a tide of shrink-wrap wax paper notes
and finger-holes in bread
carefully filled with honey;
the plate sticks: the teeth of the day
already scrape on concrete
as love awakens hate
tipped claws, a theory of
the first act's beginning.
Eels with tapped-out eyes
coat racks of rabbit fur labyrinths
descending aisles whose foam
I have disrupted in my sleep
all ground floor elevators of silver
bicuspids and gold clasps
helmets lined with blacksmith's nails
tacking temples to the thought of blood
and driven death, the beguiling plants
and eves and plum gripes
he can get for himself in the slab cooker
the tongue kisses of financial levels
widely dispersed in youth
the gas mask
of many muzzled dinners.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Longitudes of wet land
feeding piercing eyes afoot
in a clay head,
leveled at elevator imprints
on the whipped path,
flickering tinfoil and cement.

Lunatic graveyards,
spoiled yeast
and spent sails,
a tent and abandoned car
folded up in the stomach.

Puddles of throat and lung blood
capping mountain water
cabins lodged in the pine ears
that gird his fireplace head
bursting pills of wax
a hot tub's cache of tobacco
and rented alcohol
erupting in speech,
a tongue tattooed grocery list,
tower of cushions bent back
by spontaneous vomit.

Fields deer kicked and shat
spreading vacant water
on rock-stacked inclines,
log roads in termite sand
swerving higher and higher
than the stripped and painted trunks
vaporizing his headdress
and velvet-lined sockets
a lane of metal tables
the cracked claw of
protruding forehead.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Friends falter, meanings empty out.
A new garment of filth
covers the ancient sun.
The frozen sides become
the frozen center.
Clear walls pulse
like amphibian bellies.
Docks of shin bone
stitched together
with eyelashes and nose hairs.
Twilight setups that look like
a milk spill on a rippling tarp
from the mouth of the barn
that never changes,
and the man splitting wood
who never changes, and other
myths going under the leaves
and in large antiseptic rooms
where the hum of time leaving
crashes on spurred backs,
navel orange eyes
and stumped hands
that have done a lot
finding more in their making
more in the caves of their birth
in the velvet pad at the foot
of the air-scraping coral stool
sending up swirls and piped vapors
sending a language of wings
and a dead body breathing
its salt limbs
table of silence scratched through
with its outlet of tumbling needles
propeller of plants and earthen rain
coiled into an asterisk's fist.