Saturday, August 27, 2016

Free moving sounds hid pastels in the backbrain
lovers in sand make mirrors
dripping faucets collect invisible blood
kitchenette clubs break linoleum ribs
staircase eyes find a handhold in your groin
burnt shoulders release arms into the sky oven
whips of sight drive infinite vagina
through the cortex of saints
to meld blood with solitude
that is flushed by blood.
Champion meat throwers
celebrating a long unwashed floor together
while grins sprinkle grease boards
tongue knives separating long links of pain
cheese knuckles blooming in dead eyes
garlic cunt in a high mirror
traffic of easing water
through a boiling knob of keys
a wind of automobiles
making love to stagnant air
as destiny takes and drinks its own wings
to reproduce perfection.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Darling razor cupulas
carving table tops with weary hands
while the room erodes like a sock in the soil
voices are pulped and noise blooms
broken urinals talk beauty
flings chandelier the sacred spirit's core
sleds slick the hill to death
under the sexless straight flank
of an eighteen-wheeler
jets push the box of stolen gardens
into a blacked-out rose
and through the threaded sky
with anus-baked goods
driveling down the valley sides with
silky scum to eat the fortunes
of the forsaken river
locked doors losing frame
around a fire's placemat
windows painted half to be a looking glass
wasp sex on the sill
that time held for the sun to punch
falling into residence with dulled open eyes
looking the trees through screens
past ponds that spout
with the language of chameleon leagues.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


those psychological chains is religion,
shock troops of humanity in the white man's image
the nation of gods and mountains down into the denser sea bottom

diaphragm which force air have gotten out of their hands
fossils and land bridges strips of continent
lightweight rocks of oceanic crust

Africans, the first humans and creators of the spinning of the earth
believed that every aspect of life belongs to the same puzzle
manifestations of God with savage fury inside plastic garment bags

you can put layers of invaders newspapers for a supernatural power
against a wall into tin cans middleman Gods blanket and spread
legs of the bed not cool the air, but move it

Monday, August 22, 2016

Long green lands of disruption
eyeglass full of pearls glued
to the onlooker melting his grasp on worlds
spiked crutches under his arms attached
to a battery that pumps blueberry juice
through the rictus of a hung smile
a face that burned through mountains of rubbish
light of a distant galaxy's purple wound
pressing hard on the bridge of his cut nose
intestines filling with ice cream
rump loins hugging the funnel
to devour more sugar, space
Village in a crater pocket
sending smoke through steam
owner of a golden mouth yawning
to take in the silver world
through a dream house of cum on hot rocks
stirring ice in a whirl pool
against the current with a haircut
searing gestures of dance laser a broken chalkboard
schooled rhombuses growing iguana limbs
bathtubs of eyeball in fresh gasoline
lids gone to the prince of blindness rich
blasting the poor with arrogant information and clementine peels
peanut shells muffled in condom
ripples the preening brain
Bang bang life for losers of life
fucking hag scenery eating
seedling smiles buried in a long hill
sprouting bodies moving air with their mouths
moving metal with their hands
making it speak for them like a bitch
making their talk smash glass
and wooden doors machine through the ear
that waits at the end of a warped hall
creaking and creaking for the oil of music
a drum that fled melted houses
to be rolled by hands that have
arms to the sky with heart's traditional pulse
keeping the giantism at bay
with extraterrestrial bouquets
of fuming penises.
Dolls in pain poses eventually
bleeding through into time,
hooding their chemistry of eyes
in a shadow their beautiful blade
created.  Heights that it touched
to wrap a sky around.
Universes that open to it
whole one after another
crashing in simultaneity.
Every dragon drop of the last time
subsumed in ferocity.
Feverish terror of arks
long arms and legs in the water.
Island movement
like a planet in the light
tugging somewhere to
nowhere in particular.
Bodies as cream eyes.
Vultures on fire with the cream.
Totally mesmerized upper windows,
leaning readers regaling powerline
faces, history's bitches who eat paint.
Mesmerist of secret terror,
ogling the rift between worlds.
Forehead pierced by the emergence
of warrior thoughts, unused
while the hands made gods,
old theater come out of the earth
with new lights.

Throat that vibrates the continents
like stepchildren, piano teeth
that descend from the shackles of
a bloodied tree with freshly
imprinted leaves.
I carry my prison head
on a decreasing stick.
Dreams rainbow out of it
like radiation.  Light's window
lays its movement all over me.
The muffled birth becomes
a cavern.  The muffled train
becomes a man's eyes.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pink coverlet of the earth
moon's sabotaged frown on glass
where it breaks into pathological letters
ringed eyes in the squared distance
smashed toes on the ship's hologram hull
where its blade is a wall that descends
prow lips pull the prism of man's creation
into a faint bomb matrix strobe
salt without meat on the sanctuary floor
bones dancing in terror for radioactive nurses
wet sand in the sanctuary's eyes
sand dollars living in the sanctuary's paw
crying a diamond pyramid hex through a grip stigmata
nightgown slipping from her continents and seas


Nation of earths, proving the existence of land bridges, the scroll and key, and
the intricate folding of satanic swirl passed as swiftly
as it had come--and, as a metaphorical transparency.
Seven poking above the waves to form the neocortex
ocean floors moving like conveyor belts before their creations
culminating in hue-mans rotating objects away from the center of every land mass
a series of linked spaghetti pipes through ocean sediment spoon-feed
to the production of superb swords and armor over each of the paleomagnetic poles
curved across the northern landforms toward the eyeline door

Monday, August 15, 2016

The stock of laughter poisoned by lovely lips
pond of discarded tires staring under the moon
long lines strung overhead of moving ships
cargo of colored air
symetries of madness mated by plastic
overload of planet suns
pushing perfect numbers to peacock plenitude
knives fallen under a bed
dish of leaves that presupposes a book
the hand that comes out of the bunghole to steal the eye
and pleasure the silence of god
with island flowers
wreckage of rubies
running water to the hungry arc
Mystique we brought as wonderbread gods
slid ditches in blueberry light
pocketing birds for later
slid needles on a carpet long as the world
taping eyes to things
holding mirrors to our exits
taping penises onto the preacher
gnashing with grocery list please
list the pies
stringing and strunging the overhung
air that we breathe with extra
dappled with early light in the lake dark
thundering cake in the belly of the heart
lining up for dog meat with bright found tickets
couch in the eyes fundamental
buttocks in the eyes
total care of an error falling into the sun

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Distant woman, turn my dark crater
into a high mountain on fire,
bulb my highways turn my bus of
chalk thrones through dusk
to the honey of daylight; break my
shadow with fog, so that my bones
can find ease in what water made.

Engrossed woman, make my nudity rise
from the shone of where you bury your
eyes, so that I can teach you new sex
on the alley of your fine table.

Woman deranged and healed by loneliness,
walk the beach I will buy for you
in dreams we left trailing trains
many departures ago.
Open this lunar car,
spill its contents onto the sun
and break up into diamonds
with me there, while the blood
we are waits to be spread.