Thursday, September 21, 2017

Falling paths that scrape the canyon without claws
streamers of bent wheat tempting the wind
rivers of ruinous poisoned concrete
swallowing rabbits and goldenrod
steam in the vents of a broken godhead
swirling pots of alchemical death
chewing up the chainlink
graffiti hands pinched under a bridge
that emits a bubble gum smell
given by hot torches that spray
the black onto grey,
and the eyes out of the current
that have seen their prey in the mirror
and lay down their arms
on unbroken glass.
The ledge stabbed with chairs
cracking in glued air
planks drifting in mud eyes
the diamond of the anus
on the third forehead
rubber wheels drummed
by the bumping of severed arms
in their inner circuit,
cliff pouring with crawling bodies
that have tasted the filth
of an incomplete death,
split cedars grinning with hate
from a monkey crack.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The arch stretched by a bubble's mask
the universal gate turned to a doghouse
the cosmic turd lowered into a brain pain
that grinds its paint for blade-filled brushes
cutting dances into walls for rhythmic falls
that move dust like light
from the vacant mouth's
tongue of crushed eyes.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Through the escaping nets of trees
the unhinged doors turn like screws
to deposit eyes where the blind body sat
on rock wall's moss ridges of mineral rising
like weed through bones
the linked fingers of hooked hands
pulling magnet's taffy of blood
down to roots for the pine climbers
always ascending and falling veins
waves of pattern'd air over a cracked hive
elevators hiss through crumbling soil
a kiss opens two halves of wheat
and the sky dumps light.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Grey tips of incandescent surging,
a continent of sponge purging its underbelly
with planetary light,
roots from broken shafts
of hologrammed soil,
ring rain of the exploded earth
painting dirt in hot ribbons--

revved-up water boiling and eating,
highways mushrooming into volcanic deserts,
signposts stuck through the farting belly of man,
flowers of penile skin meeting the all-american cheese grater,
dripping onto the steel belly of a belted woman
follicles of the sky's torn birth
firing the oil of crushed nerves
through her shitted hair.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The panes of the waning staircase
fading in a far field
fog and brambles
bloody cushion the fallen body
the longest branch
eats hands and mouths
glass holds the body
and sends through its transparencies
a shot-up apple
long linoleum floors where a water cup has fallen
and viscera flows
hampers of folded rye
and the food of reptiles
languishing on the end of a sword
to store up a frockless dancer
and spill pants on the runway
she has slashed and planted.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In the burning lands,
cradling the failure of the body,
plumes dancing on the oiled horizon,
wood standing that the hands of death haven't reached,
maggots coiled in the footprints that have filled with cowardly blood,
rotten eyes slit by falling bark,
angles of ripped hair exploding from a mountain peak
at the end of a field's length
rolled by steel and steam
mating with dark water,
green stalks shivering through
the stigmata of a dead hand.
The blazing insights that cleave
one from another, could they be made
to unite?


Slopes pushing lips of mud
the river pursues its canyon.
Boat's tail snipped without blood,
houses whirling on the tips of fingers,
a cricket on the nose of every witness,
a crackling in the sex and vortex
that is insectoid, troubling the oars--
rivulet after rivulet of android brains
clotting the pipeline with
reptilian thought's traction--
handhold on the suction cup,
stadium size upside down.
The eyes of a hanging dummy
shot with eternal recognition.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pastures glazed with the honey of blood.
Screens stuck to bush branches
wobbling in a light bath.
Roads from the eagle's head
cascading in helmets and ferns
invisibly with black tar.

Dumpsters hosed by propeller hands
sunshine rust made fit for living.
Lampshade eyes hovering to scan
the nude favorites.
Trees crumpled like paper
salt packets on a wide grey
cafeteria table.

Severed legs bumping
like special effect snakes
on the aisle's water.
And the blinking numbers and quotes
that no longer mean anything but the unanswerable
question of all that once did.