Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Keep pissing into the goddess
feet pierced by your own signature,
limb's axle burning one phallic heart
into the crimson boards.

Continue plumbing your hands
in the midst of her missing rib
while your head cracks
the long pipes of light
overhanging the pulped
and gritted bodies.

Cut into skin injections
wavelength of an acid spectrum
balled up in a baby's fist.

Sails painted through the clustered dark
the wet crust of clinging insignias.
The pencil's lead point of iris
nudging a blank entry
from a web of spidery veins.

Spirit's height will pop
in the reel of sticking flowers
that saws your chains
only to turn a stringy mass
to cage of names
the crosshair on your tailbone
predestination turning to wispy thought.

Shutters descend the bulging belly
clacking past an open socket
where the birth cord
fled to whip and choke.
A question mark in gold suds
the lancing of grey blood,
of a suffocating essence,
a shucking speech
that peels the spine and pez head
pockmarked tongue of mineral gashes
jawbone ringing on a scratched table,
tears fingering
an immaculate bowl of knives.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Reptilian cunt coming after the shielded ape
ferns at his peripheral eyes
eating the lighter's tongue
time reversed for the length of a jog
down the rectangle of main street
with its pubic median
trees like snakes
and the scars of bench hands
trash flaps allowing trash
into cupped mouths
counting in the fire
the tacked-up gloves of the last man
on a cinder pole
by the one who comes after
bouncing branch on a fresh ledge
lashed to his toy
like a knuckle

Monday, August 13, 2018

Dime's punched heart
ribbons of motor-blown soul
his head crushed under a flung basket
strands of grass folded into blossom
stone stalks nicked with false ages
and the falling orders of time
his fantasy forever afterward tinfoil
an epilogue that he plays with
salting lizards in a hallway of cassettes
chewing linoleum boards
spitting out scrolls of teeth
rolled up in the boot room
spit-cleared eye of a building tilted to quiet
cartoons of a gone space age
showing veins to sunlight
and the brown blade of a pond's edge
sloughing off marks of formula ice
behind his mask of springtime.

Friday, August 10, 2018

A shroud of mercury
scarf unto a mountainous head
rut-dug polished rug hallways
video gaming dusk drip
seed crunching feet
another day in the gas mask
rocking chair stuck on slide
table legs stabbed into a beach
froth of ageless lips
carried female to female
on a feminine tree
the fabric of a wide road
lost to the repeating giant
square mouths in the repeating night
until the spool crashes.

The chain of headlamps
ticking away on foil wrapped curbstone
a map of the sun
curried in pepper of teeth
for American cheese.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Forelock glued to doorless
and soft doom,
burned arms letting the light
drip a pencil,
posted to the fireproof ceiling
in letters to symbolize the flesh,
tangle of weary structures
giving vent splash
a young face of death,
a slapped laugher
pounding a long table
straw's work of enameled reaching
dim hunger for a piece
of the elevated shine
swept into the grain
a fudge sign masticating dawn
launched from a target emitter
lips wrenching a shoebox
bones on a dirty court
wings tapped to teeth
the asbestos cart
tacking infants to mercy.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Banks of bottles and skin rankings
gone with the labelled dawn
mad afterbirth of floating couches
the gardens a ladder pissed in
mushrooms arrayed on plump
pouches of insect soil
the sword feet of falling sidewalks
scuffles in thin covering
the appearance of an elevated plane
an unlined palm tipping
forklifts and video servers
broke lines sharing an abandoned flask
the strap on midnight's equator
the belts rotating her dumb hands
my blade of scissored maxims dangling glue
two icy comets laughing hard,
the antenna of Sunday's goblet silver
metal and white caterpillars
cemetery's slab desk
and overflexed bridge
a vein of flowers.
Burning sleeves reaching
for an empty face,
depths closed to the core
on vines and boxes
letters lightning-struck
the strange staring faces
catching reflections in
a basin of teeth,
towering up from sadness
with a leer of love,
ten fingers on the chopping block,
life-line's tangle of pedantic nurses.

A bubble in the caged water
reaching for electricity.

The constellation's tassle
nicking series of tense foreheads
flame-guarded eyes
arranging a departure
through the body.

Shells float the floor of the earth
and waves cut the rooted platform feet
of blueberry bushes
the shield-backed beetles falling
to patterns that will not salute.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Vacant stairways where I used to crawl
for putting the animal into the animal
a long roof streaked with piss and brick ash
from the falling kingdoms, the falling
democracies of the flesh

organs conducting all blood and care
away from one another,
bulbs growing on a fence of flattened eyes
shelves of bone teeth
melting wafers of glowing cartilage,

covers pulled back from a skinless beauty,
thatchwork of corroded personal bibles
yielding long brown snakes of release
to a collection of tupperware petroleum,
follicles upward in paint
the sighing of garage doors.

Thumb harp in the lower jaw
calls to seagull's feet
as the destiny of the brain
is removed like a sore.