Tuesday, March 19, 2019

This pit of grinding and surging earth
gears and turning towers
vines to crawl the bloated sun
the curve of shores and their heaps
coppery iron bones and storms of pink flesh
leafy boats in a diamond swarm
hands covering electric sockets on a moving wall
tongues of cloud bundles tumbleweed clumps
blood boiling the skin of potato
mineral cliffs giving forth the vitamin salt
to the rainbow over the cauldron
and the brainpan's snickering pop.

Monday, March 18, 2019

A feline's coffin in a case of cracked ribs,
a soft skull pushing whipped cream on a fertile curb,
melted bridges between fingers and pine paths
yielding scribbled stone,
the tissue and cartilage of tied-up days
running milky floorboards
wire brushes on the scalp that craves
bloody pushcarts across riverside paths,
womb's creaking birch and ripped fork,
ink's blight of oceanic paper
and radiant sleaze.
Bulbs and bread and palace homes
fortresses of painted glass for protected paper
rock barrier trails glinting through the sparks of separated bodies
gaze from the naked cold on parallels of bright lit tables
faces sanded to the grain of wood that their blood resembles
hinges glued to ornaments sliced from the living earth
trunk's totem of navels and pock marked branches
the claw mark of tinsel stars
blankets furry wires.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Slats over the earth mouth ditch
wet pebble trails
to a throat of broken ice
a curve of patted mud
near the wilting fires
stuck length of a rooted spear.

Blankets on broken logs
the teething sunrise
in a bucket of shining water.
Lumps of clay with moss lids
tied to the tilting trees.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dark orbits the wrapped up rainbow
stacking successful trees
combing swamps and circling paths
a mouth of tar's wiggling branches
tires and caps in an old room corner
bland rocks on the tan shell of a floor
chipped mirror glass in a glaze of straw
chains of breasts faces and legs
following the rhythm of copper pipes
in a foam glued wall.

Tables and chairs in tawny boxes
ropes and rubber clasps a transparent ceiling
the singing in empty rooms
and the staring land.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A woman's shape
drilled into the facade of my skull
under the vapor streams
of racing airplanes.
Nipples cutting out eye patches
a ripped-off body suit's wet balloon.
Bones bundled together like twigs
in the clench of universal rubber.
Skies eating a headless neck
slow pulse of blood released
petroleum soda fountain
on a crooked and isolate square.

Earth oozing through brick and wire
paint dripping the chipped teeth
over paperwork cliffs
locked cabinets bobbing
on a tide of plastic heat
demolishing lionesque eyelashes.

Claw's cursive on the lonely tool
dribbling rejected children.
In the light that always goes
some rhythm of interrupted grey
struggles to take a man's form.
These paths that cross to find his feet
are the marks of a galactic knife.
As the current goes wild through sap
roots clench and turn the watered soil.

The dreams of dullards
will take over the earth.
Madness will become compulsory.
Chains will pass through flesh
and transform into glistening oil.
His skeleton will find a screen
for the fire's pop, the falling orbits,
to cast off their dust and be
stuck with blood again
running the crescent curve
from a net of beds.

And a slattern's crayon sun
of ragged rays
with no chemical center
will fill up his toothless mouth
to dance on the paper multitudes.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday picture frames, Tuesday haircut,
the robot's eye scans my cancer
and pins me down to garlic tables.
The gleaming ocean gathers me seamlessly
and spreads me out,
a fine ash whirlpool shape
tendrils of cumulus oil.
Glass buckets of bovine hearts
spilling down the theater steps.

Butterfly wing desktops
flipping like fake fingernails
closets hallway deep
leaning gravestone walls.
Cinnamon vinegar torso singing
swinging a long wet rag.
Crouched like a hose
on the fire escape
a waiting cat's mouth
she brings me milk
for my raging tea.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Sad ribs under a pretzel head
spine covered with clothespins
and tender wires
lungs in an orchid bloom
tree's trunk remolding paper skin
chest cavity's moss goblet
beads of cracked and softly singing water
woolen mitts for the sticky eyeballs
and salt-scarred feet gone missing
in a quilted glade.
Orchards bare to the touch
blowing bubbles of wood
vein's highway in the eyes
streaking bows of stone
pebbles trickling down
the skater's curve of a copper fountain
dimes notched in the tower's spike
the claw that is a door
scribbling long sidewalks
frost adorning shallow pools
the monkey bars of mercy
on meticulous straw.