Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Cotton wrapped and ravaged
through the labyrinth of stains
engine pitching in a slashed curve
milky guts impaled upon an iron lilac
fan blades and cages spouting rancid meat
sun touched nucleic peacocks
strutting on a burnt rail
enjoying the delicacy of feces
from a live power wire
finding meaning in the turd
that spells their name
the pride of the death bringers
sliding over a genital mirror
the speech of an intestinal pretzel
decorating a rainbow quilt
with synthetic feathers
thieves dancing in stomach acid
open scissors in a swimming pool
a sweet mouth swallowing glue
from a bleached goblet
monkey fur under the breastplate
surfing an ancient sneeze.
Straps of blinking eyes
crackling red waves
fruit skin speckled
with the ink that flies
blades of sodium
bright racks of oily branches

linen whispering across the sun
blood letters shaking dust
beams leaning to the risen moon
wet stories from the blueprint's roar
tongues clattering to frozen glass

lava platforms born.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Smashed pig on the face mask
slender lines of fecal energy
a caged horn sending neon emptiness
to a curvaceous vat

belts of captivated powder
staining the high bronze firmament.

The word stamped into clay
that will not sit.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Tape recorded bathroom
snarling in the wreckage
coils and crackling snares
the remnant of a passage
in metered silk

drooling from the gun of oil
dripping from a sun of plenty
a torn shelf
slipping from teeth of dawn
green leaf licking the barrel
grey feathers of fictional blood
tongues dipping that have gone to rest

and an ectoplasmic missile
soaring through a broken web
to be remembered steel.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

A high plain
topped with a boiling table
bones pouting reams of flesh
milk trickling brick seams

bramble of horned clouds
coming over the paved hill
with lights on stalks
and an engine clover.

Whittled down ruin of splintered eyes
staring out of a kaleidoscopic egg
climate's tug of zeroes and crossed snails
twitching numbers and clenched rice
soothing vagrant tools.

Friday, May 29, 2020

I think of fetid years, days
when I only wandered.
See the curtain come up
and drag against the chrome.

Daylight battered through a dirty rug
to find me bleeding.
Suds dripping from the bridge
that led me there.

Twilight tongues to ring
rippling puddles
a surgical lift on wheels
trees getting frantic
snake's ribbons
in a shut down ditch.

Reverberating colors
that all follow her falling sash
of many faces, many asses
as the trunks follow the pattern
of the aching leaves
and the dim turn vaults and swallows
hog tight machinery sticking and slipping
peacock man in a pyramid of pillows
drinking foot wash soot
from bricks and shuttered echoes
cardboard gathering lunar truth
and a knife print's house of dust
one corner seam
clear eyes from the risen mud.
Up to a cloudy anvil I will go
eyes drinking through the windows
of sealed machinery
one last lasso antenna
circling around a sword handle
cracked walkway
to the sagging house corner

blonde landscape for a dumpster's lid
neon's hamster cage gasoline coffee
strings humming for the split cheeks
over chrome roller blades
glass doors glued to turning books
lips filled and gulping green oil
on a flowered rug.

Light raging for the high levels
and flashing behind corners
wrapped corpse where the bench sat
outside the ticking market
mouth pressed within closing wings
button's map to a crushed can
smoke faint where the river coils
dark's rising bread.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The first rush of dandelions
has already passed.
White heads trembling
in seeded green
coal marks on concrete blocks
vines rattling the chain link.

Birds caress inky feathers
long branches release the air
rafts and sheen of mercury
dragging a leafy anchor.

Rope over fog drenched canyons
vibrating train fed tubes
heart ticking in a glass apartment
the red breast of a robin
releasing liquid fleas.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

A pricked egg
dripping with highways

possessed by my desire
I take the veil

it covers a mechanical spider
with keys and tablet necklaces

guts of tripe and wires
settling dust of gold

the empty hallways puffing steam
the world a zombie congregation

sidewalks peppered by a ripping dream
a soaring carriage

I am watching the grass solidify
in diamond heat
and the yolk stiffen
the sky's walls.