Monday, February 10, 2014


Light-years light-years
cuneiform wrapped in smoke
the blush in your eye
the water in the steam tubes, waves in the open ocean
rounded and pitted rocks nested
the chugging engine, before a rail broke the cloth that covered

there is a thin band of green, of lapis blue, and of indigo
bones, shells and teeth fingers to man-made brains
the beasts of lightning in higher layers
for the ballet, fine silver in the solar wind

on the drilling deck iron colts tore up rails, exploded, set fire
this group this night is a golden-white light golden-white light
the head is crowned coins rest on the eyelids--two to three earths
dashes and various matrixes as sacramental tokens of
stored on magnetic tape and replayed
the water becomes too great

1 comment:

Iulia Flame said...

Exquisite surreal intaglio.