Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The hero descends to depths of dumbness
where not even the poignant speeches can find him
pummeled by the coolest of fists
balls swollen by the lash of a rope-knot
asshole turned to yarn unraveled
by a coat hanger that found him late
face singed by a knife print
looking beautiful at the bottom of the ocean
his crashed car also quite beautiful
finally bathed and crucified with the boards
and the best nails of the Home Depot
driven through his merman remnant
laughing at the dramatic mantle of the roiling
purple black sky laughing
resurrected to stand in the resurrected hand
of the resurrected greatest automobile company
feet adrip on the backseat healing slowly
then quickly the crowds with a familiar salute
and finally our loving tyrant
with all the scars he suffered to get laid
or never to get laid
is found in a thousand bright previews
performing the same feats over and over again
in cheaper and cheaper guises
until the animal of history worships him
and he becomes a fossil in its slobber
all his forms a candelabra digitized
to light the kings and tables
the hero ascends to giddy heights of talkiness
where many thousands and many more than thousands
speak for him on the future of television
and his taint is the taint of the ages

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