Monday, December 23, 2013


Thin pieces of cold from one of the goddess's eyes
to knock him off his horse in a bubble chamber
veins with lengths of plastic carved on the fireplace
nozzle through the chimney trim white helicopter
nuptial hymns at the top nailed to the edges
hands of a human beast no plants with flowers
the anvil the soul no birds body-disc must be
thousands of iron parts and pieces green and still
a hole for each plant a dark pool small pieces of lettuce
that small crimes deserved death and that ladybugs visit an orange
a ringing sound a launch site to watch magic
fabric scorched from long blasts a booming sound
a shrill sound pick of a sweepstakes winner
a drum, or a whistle forged while cherry
the street and the outside world by cells and fibers
hard stones, a great quantity of blood 1,000 pounds of plants
he pries the calories of the sun like an old man reclining.

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