Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I want you to live in my coat,
to just move in, adorable woman,
all the spheres that broadcast your being
when I feel homesick for books
and things are all collapsing in a way that pleases me,
long pieces of chain the bottom layers for anything
the way of wrapping their bodies in heat and light
no more to it than masses of its own viscera
smitten with desirelessness
swamps filled up with dead land changed oceans moved

Outside it is cool charcoal comes from wood
carbon is black the sky is black the coal burns dead plants
and I think of the lovemaking and the music of the poor,
with a smirk that the centuries have put on my face
'til I go to my infancy--

Be a trunk against, humming
the loneliness of other trunks,
a forestwoman for rapture of the apartment,
a warrior in the electric shower
beams from a TV stall
the corridors of light close

I want you to live in my coat
the passage through which the sea blanches and the surface cries

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