Sunday, May 09, 2010


Sadness of magnetism on polarized light,
I have been ruthlessly investigated
by everyone at the peak of this soft
blow-job town, Italian sandwich

dripping dressing down the cast
of my ribs. The devastated parks
made public by raging fire. Every mammal

in the drowned room
standing wobbled
marble feet in hot reef.
All eyes reptilian shut
against parking lot
dark. We saw a cloud expand
we shared an asshole.

At the drooping center of vagina
choking heart meat, rubbing off for steady
fluorescent hours, hair
of an artichoke. As the slowest point

of magnetism dissolves, we discover
the most terrible center
of intimate mystery is through

our only buttocks, in the direction
of the awful whole, particles
within the space, we shall have.

has been emerging
of the deep blow-job time
in a dumb basement heart
of neglectful library,

half panther oil, dark
as lamp-shade, underside deadened
one gravity's center-center
of dying armchair,