Sunday, May 02, 2010


white marble dishes hover
halfway between greasy cafeteria tables
and immaculate ceiling

fans blow columns of active air
down to meet tabletops exactly
in the center white marble
dishes widen the disturbance
of silence in the center
of artificial breezes

pestles grind immaterial
spices from ancient tomb-time
herbs from elsewhere
midway to the dead heaven
above the heads--hair flattened
by dense conditioned air--of
the students of oblivion

left without flowers to guard
the applerot soft
temples above ears
nudged by ten thousand hums

until the magnolia trees fall
through two-story tall
windows and spill
their blossom fragrance
on the altars of young mouths, sex hysteria
chewing pond-meat
of unidentified amphibeans

the tadpole textures
tongue-drunk as arms are slashed
by falling panes as tall as houses, heavens

kept unsensed in electric
bathrooms third floor ephemeral
attics spraying hog sides with sawdust guns
palm-lines alive with sperm-trickle
slapping mirrors to revive
the yawn and a garden snake
navigating pebble roofs
of interdimension.

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