Thursday, May 20, 2010


As if life has been a city
me at many attic-peaks
when a bomb goes off in depths

granite floors filled with my voice
recommend that all the most
intent listeners be evacuated.

As if life has been lived
only in one city, reaching in an arc
against the sky's curve
to life in another--sad macaroni
metropolis, all broken limbs
turning to unconnected elbow--

that she has saved me,
that I've saved part
of all, what I've wrecked;
our two cities join. There is much
merriment among those concerned
who will never understand, and
like a lilypad above mud, her dress.


Unknown said...

I read this when I awoke. Bleary-eyed and anxious and longing for you. It made me cry, good tears. Felt like you were caressing my shoulders. Another reminder as to why I love you, as to why I can't stop loving you, as to why I never want to and never will. Oh, Luke.

LukeBuckham said...

I am about to post # 6. I hope it doesn't let you down!