Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Condominiums of coal that shatter
under the super hero's weight
sacks of shining colors in poison spore form
leaking through the dissipating layers
of metallic ink that squared the sky
and brought it into our pink cups.

A toast to the parent's membranes
that roast our nerves.
Spigot of purified sulfur
still puffing behind the lathered remnants
of brick walls.

Beads of disrupted cursive
on the moth's wings,
the cracked ashen forehead.
Quills of a climbing ivy
that cloaks the cemetery's guitars.

The potato reverend
eyebrows carved into his dirt
by figure eights of tobacco.
Long fingers that spill the lacquered dawn
onto the bronze cascading walkways.

Slamming trunks that reach
the surface of the moon
latches showered with cyanide ambrosia.

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