Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Porous epigrams of wheat,
the face in the spoon stretches.
Grates of frozen flesh
channeling mortar stew.
Burned hallways soaring
past fertile rooms.
Heartbeats in the clenched hands
bouncing lights off water.

Outlet faces sucking tangled cords.
Hillsides running with broken milk bags
tree houses springing like catapults.
Cups like plastic tops
spinning on glass and vacant tables.
Stung buttocks and lashed calves
compacting brainless bodies.
Sacks of trash leaking golden blood.

Rings the blacksmith poked
with shrieking tongues.
Salty units displacing oiled wheels
with a treadmill of scalps and bullets.
Slender triggers gaining space
expanding galaxy walls.
File folders dripping blue heat,
red numbers and whitened
switches and wires.

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