Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Brows clipped and sharpened
focusing the blood glass of the eyes
apron ripped by the arms of
a female keeper, bronze servant
of the pumping rod,
an ocean in unsteady readiness,
a seamless paw,
strings greedy in cornered vastness,
the baker's back seductive as blank paper,
the pepper below
a cloth-belted waist
heat-fractured into honey,

raw-cut stems and disinfectant leather,
seething onions that set off
the squeezing and oozing wood,
hacked green and its pile
of root-butts and cracked
seed-bearing hearts,
all near a boil and volcanic rivulet,
pusher of rack and lamb,
mopper of hot decks
glued together by voiceless air,
the aching of a long and hollow bar
in the vacuum's hot wire.

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