Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Courtyards of smirking plastic
destined for ragged outskirts vein
where the fire of blood keeps everything warm
decks on a cold card table silent hands
the jet-still mouths of harvest
snuggling with an animal tooth.

Long path slides scalped golf balls
to the burnt saucers landing beam slash
furnishing new wounds out of the air,
and feeding paint for masks from them steaming
lard bargains with paper war
aisles of money goods smooched by
a series of smashed heads
bruises on the carver's wrists as usual salt.

Bush stalk burnt low like teeth
retreat from their vegetable
composting orange light in the caged
and rancid autumn whiffleball eyes
mailing bleacher flame paint belts
and rickety monks pulling quiet freight
over the overcast convenience groceries
battery-lit and lurching like
a forged burglar.

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