Saturday, November 05, 2016

As a tasered eye,
a whacked dragon, moves
out of the one to be with us
zones of controlled water
break out like fingerprints.

Launched neon kissed by dust.
Poised fragments in the shape of a vine's lips.
Snakeskin thorax under a sunken head.
And the torment of clinging to the east
like a flea in vaseline.
And the weight of deliberate errors
on a bolt of electricity.
Static verbals in a knuckle-raked
hallscape, fur combed for death
or further weddings.

Ribs dragged in the honey
of a cup's edge.
Vision thrust to the eyeglass wanting air
tugged freight of somnolent journeys
in a historical garment.
Drummer's vast trunk on a maze
of declining ceremony,
smashed glass-stalks
competing for blood.

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