Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lightning bolt limbs
anchoring the body in the revolt
of an eaten sky.

Yellow rose of mouth
sending a brokenness of blood
through the kneecaps to bend time.

Ditch gardens ruled by salamanders
under half-rotted logs, sink-bugs alit
on blueberries to find tongues,
as orange lives lose tails to small hands
senses recoiling to fall      in the earth's basket
of dry leaves, a crackling atop
the sanitarium of mud.

Frog trills that pierce the ears
above an unfrozen pond,
collywobbles that swim
over sunken shields of stone.

What rends the clouds reaches a skeleton
with propane fists and forms of many
genitalia sculpted in pine sap,
totems of hermaphroditic scripture
in the plain sand stroked by snake's bellies
the cum of a clear-swept day.

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