Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Islands of green weapon growth to the sky
root feet and flack hands friendly fire
trunk sex split fallen chimneys of seed pod nests
shepherd's stone fallen to the sheep who swing sets
reading pigeon shit script on the bricks
whose cement is a truck's spit thick springs
boinging under ceramic animals
libraries of shattered salt caverns
knuckles brass on deep planted hereafters
string's floss fraying through an open bird's beak
madness branch from vases whose bottoms break
towards the earth and reverse skylights
beaming down on beds that compost bodies
in the rain of afternoon dust, bicycle's instrument
of headlight fucking and pop machines
rolling years of copper to the whirlpool under
ladle's lid tipping steam to an eyelid
friend peppers on the macro wave of grease
islands of shorn fur that rip italics
into the covering of earth between
scattered and punctured tires.

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