Monday, July 13, 2015


I am the bread that is broken
and I am the hands that are breaking the bread
unshared, the shivering ground is the lightning
the huge hands of cities and the horror of DNA
pulled towards death in this dimension
the music of the body in a cage of fool's devices
dance of pricked landscapes on a shifting grain
shaving surfaces from stars and glint of planets
draped in planet cum returning to orbit
in a haze of what matter once considered an error,
one everlasting orifice universe-led on a train of tumbling carrots
logs of corrugated pepper lips measuring one another end to end,
crease to mouth-crease stung and leaking the stuff of life
chicken foot and chicken eye the presence of man
in frightened feathers cluck buckawk shivering and stepping off
from the white rain of commas
crater of unbound thought
reset to enema

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