Monday, July 13, 2015


A flower fell on a lemon tree
and scattered the tree where its own blossoms broke for a
thin skeleton to fly out bright with flame and paint
from a dilapidated hammock flung up by the fall of thousands
crush of trees and wash of stone
crunch of bones and cram of the famished pushing fur
through a web of rounded androids, catalogued as perfect transformers
in their own mirrors, river
of transparencies disrupted rectal dream of light ocular
dissonance of wrecked recital
tantrum in a photo piano booth
that is ashiver with old suns that died without hearing
commands or verses and thrust the greenest mountains up out
of their sight to reclaim cities whose blueprint bears their spines
as melting trains drift track to track, the speechmaker of music
immortal is immortal, mechanical is animal derived
through the struggle of mind to destroy matter, to bend
chapters into the center and descend to be deliriously

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