Saturday, May 30, 2015


I can alter time with my fist.
I was the first used car salesman.
I masturbated first the gorilla and then the alligator.
I fire porcelain jelly on all the inhabitants.
The excitement of nerves over a wide landscape.
The screens distended with awful laughter.
A red drop in the dark credits
a standing army of praying mantises
engine over the hilltop
staring multifaceted glaring
the turbulence of things imprisoned
leering to fury out, fracture solved
with heart of laughter paradox vagina.
The stack of dead mules with a live bronze wig.
A parable made of sauce.
Fucked status.  An anchovy imprinted with
boot-heel lines at the foot of a war monument, all
crying its whole name in daggers.

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