Tuesday, May 19, 2015


After this bat bites an animal
coffins into bank offices female prophets knots of gas and dust
then the polar sun in swirls of white, blue, gold
silver cups, silks, ivory softly around her body
two magnificent single orbs of moonglow deep in the cave systems
ceremonial apartment towers that mark the culture
her mouth is hoofed stock and timber street people
old men sell gum flood control, and electric power
blood intimidated by armed thug backbone of the frontier
the rim of her figure of calmness and swans
saw to the stocking of his fish ponds like links in a chain
to meet the needs of a modern society and the planets do not emit light
silent behind barred windows and locked like hunted foxes
ding-dong daddy whose probing arm stretches round the whole world
with trembling hands

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