Monday, September 09, 2013


When the beautiful surprise happens
totally, surrounding
arctic shelves in the life of the mind
and you break into your body
and you shiver over mine
and it is the perfection of a squandered millenia
and the taste and the dampening everywhere, snugly
of your goddessblessed pudendum
and I'm doing time in your vision
and I descend into the deep mazes of your sensation
and it is the only place where my spirit lifts off
and drips over the miraged edges
and I am casually knocking a hole in the sky
with the form and the flake of my flesh
winded by holiness
the shameless drum riding my blood
and you are the crest and the ship's prow of womanhood
and a breath flowering
and your presence and your capacity
pushes back all the walls of life
and lets me fall slowly, from a great height
into the velveteen of your magnet laughing.

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