Monday, September 09, 2013


Someday you'll see me
mouth scorched by tobacco and alcohol
crawling from the outskirts
onto the whole glinting plate of your horizon
widening your peripheral glare
feeding on your perfume
desperately, like someone recently made homeless
and by you are the pools of water multiplied

determinedly, we meet the current entire
my forefathers are moving in the curvature of my back
you sweeten your belly with a twitch
we have arrived reverberating in the maw
thick with disguised existence
purging our territories of false looks
reaching the age-old hearth of the sexes
tortured by the dreamed reminder
of a frightened congress
in the fixed community of my scaly blending

I will be your ten-cherry dancer
you will be for me the sabbath of venus
I will blur and twang in your toes
until the ceiling begins to come loose
and we find ourselves nakedly propped on a door
then falling on tubes and flimsy surfaces
and we go to our circuits flailing
and we go to the graves of our pillows drunk,
benignly separated, then over the froth and the fog
into the merciless radiance of the tugged-on morning
drinking your vanilla and vinegar
draping your productions in my robe
in my encampment of kisses

and you will be paddled by water
by the spiritual water that wafts an image
from the strength of my forehead
where you go to lie down.


raw poetry by donna snyder said...

This love poem is as ageless as Song of Solomon or Rumi.

Your poetry just gets better and better.

raw poetry by donna snyder said...

Luke, the beauty of your ecstatic poetry is a wondrous thing.