Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the vast power of trees
strikes you in the back
of your lipstick line
the flaming half of a skull
smashed apart by raging
molecules, taught to be
as a star burns

unaware, the throat of a gull
opens fish belly's
ointment store of oil
all is bisected and trisexed
no question
at the disintegration's beam-end

intricate flowers bow heads
down like dogs in rain
you are carving your naked way
through goldenrod with a kindling sword
the pine trunk tent red wine
dark, mouths enveloping navels, memory
the flashlight jammed up your rectum
quick thoughts of other planets
erupting peace,

overflown streetlights
superimposed elms
diamondshaped signs,
dark green bushes I'd like
to lop blackberry icecream dark as shadow
on each of your tits
watch you scrape the underneck
closest to magnet
sea level, with your silver-tipped
claws, thorns on our hard labia

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