Monday, September 06, 2010

milk brow telling it all in ache
to your mutest mouth
orange peel interior lips, blue-singed
my five-fingered surroundings
buried in each knuckle
up to jellyroll
struggling free here in the best
heart of the hologram.

run out on electrical wires in an attractive area,
you deserve all the pleasures broken of hedges, front
lawns scared to sleep, universes turning red
at a stumble, a throat sticking to the white air.
cliff ledges faces turned to the eaten
belly of the moon
smoke street cigarette stubs
to dig up the center of the earth
madness is contagious in slight glances

the headpiece shines like wax
at the tail, you are a unit
of purifying force,
petrified atmospheres in cobalt blue & green
jelly deeps

there's one more thing I have to kill
then I'm rollercoaster
over the solar system
the golf course kissed with blood
one more dry morning on fire
the windowpane scratching I'll build
a twig bridge from me to your forehead

all kills and births take place here
in this gleaming
they're bringing a big pizza
over the neighborhood hills your lover
has the least shiver of a face today
your robin breasts are
going over a glass wall

sodomize your equal in medium rain
I'm coming over the state pen
doughnut rolls plastered to the labial wall
papered tent skin screaming through drunk
in electromagnetic belches

brown smoke and black
disembodied gateways
patting a force-field of bare cymbals
your beautiful wide intelligent

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