Monday, August 23, 2010

hornets on force-fields of wet lips
tickling the nerves of a close sun
light on the belly light on the stone
of a death in marble

twin dogs in sunlight on tar
twin dogs at the base of mailbox
licking a shovel together
twin nostrils on straws
black susans trampled in mud
hornets stomped in machine dance
proud electrical displays
in assaulted airport; the twin
on its hard nerves, tugging a kiosk hologram
with him in silver helm, eyes flecked
with asbestos, lips septum scorched twice
to match flares with the belly of a sun,

don't you ever lay down on the earth
to be healed, mush your tongue
on scattered maples. Propellers in velvet
sashes, disease crawling over the trunk
mantle the jug full of pulped grapes
a white cat crawling down the silent air
from a fluorescent light, eye of an alien ship

lipstick-blind, dashed by pennies
a shallow drainwalk

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