Sunday, August 29, 2010

branch sways forth above elongated head
eyes pistil out into human air
for touching, animals fill the laundromat
to maim or orgasm, sniffing dog blankets,
turning prismatic lenses on long stalks
to intergalactic features
of horizon

as loved killers re-penetrate tamed,
fixed civilizations, eyes sway
on the ends of instrument antennae
stomachs levitate to inhabit
cavern hearts
two sliced watermelon flowers
ooze birth
to a light shower of sperm

billions believing in nightmare selves
gun barrels sliding forth a thousand
sighing throats, flower stalks
nudging pothole fringes in hotel parking lots,

the main road a litter of salamander corpses,
their orange fading burnt, sun unprotected
from its own venom of existence
lamb life and lamb meat
in winds of ancient life

green pods hopping brighter and brighter
on magnetized tongues
myriad deep
kissing on the shanks of fallen monument
light toasted hands
gripping dark toasted currency
innocence alive behind supermarket glass
carrying no ticket, ascending
radiant blue butterfly
on a tide-surge of maggots

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