Friday, July 02, 2010


one voice moves through time
the other moves without it
both come from the same mouth

they sing at first
as branches underwater
sometimes simultaneous
sometimes from the center
of a bright anemone
in brighter sunlight

a whole ocean drawn back

they sing at last
each is pair upon pair
of lips
opening upon opening upon
lid upon lash upon lid
between the amphibian diagrams
of each others each
rib upon rib

both come from the same mouth
the others move without it
one voice moves through two
in time, the other moves
without them, together they ride


Unknown said...

"Pair upon pair of lips"?
I suspect you're somewhat inspired by Paul Eluards's Leda suite. May trhis be so, or is it just coincidence?

Anyhow, your poem is rather good. I feel some turns could be a little bit nore vivid and specific for a complete finish.

I have written quite a lot of love poetry myself. Have a look into my Sonnets for Katie on Singleswingle.

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Peter Ingestad, Sweden

LukeBuckham said...

Thank you for reading, Peter. I'll stop by your place for a look.

I don't recall that particular piece by Uluard--the only time I've read him was in a few translations by Beckett, which I enjoyed--but I'll look for the Leda suite now that you brought it up.