Sunday, March 08, 2020

A patio lit up on the edge
high class tea pots
and tipping kettles
steam bags emitting the latest
lavender flavor
and the flown words parched
like cartoon pillars leaning

fog's tongue licking
the revealed cave mouth
and trembling vessel
a lake of lips shaking
leather seated chairs.

Torso gleaming with waffle prints
some femme crucified to nonsense
chameleon across the shine
of an electrified fence
your tool laughing is a smile
engine peaking from a rift
grates blinking atop
buffalo brown smoke
a shade of gel
fisted mercury looking for more ink
strapped on to my underworld eye

filling up with tags and seizures
alien's chemical light
and received cushions
bulb reaming above me
in a cliff's rotating sash
paint claw's infertile powder
a chalk line arrow
marked on a mezzanine rail

to my depths gave birth and stayed
kerchief led with a desperate cargo
the gates of madness in a pillow case
two gazes leaking stunned guns
one raging dance later
smoke's ash at the alphabetic table
looking for a speech to capture
the amp's hair shirt
secreting blossoms
arrayed by blade
in molds of fruitful lacquer
silk's pucker for a tarnished frame
gold's trash of silver
the glue of a skeleton leaf
gone to the coined realm
and a fence climbing hilltop's ether

forks that oceans led and melted
tune's waiting bath mat
down to a reef's crater
vast eyelid's greenish seam
taut rim's expectant Venusian wing
belt's spider linked chair of wheels
the singing of stacked boxes.

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