Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mattress flashing up against the sky
you and me scrubbing the angel ragged
hoops encircling reflected worlds
milk squeezed from a floating hand cloth
forms rising to feel the cleave
claw footed ripples
we are carrying through space

a shawl of echoes
falling from the glass
of your woman form
for branches climbing water
and the beads of blowing chains
salt painting a contested sheet
the rouge of your chapter
a ribbon box of purple cuffs

jelly for the circus
sun baked bent face
in a fence post shadow
dancing with your breath
all my fury with one nostril
grasping around your bread
all the flung fish coming home
leaves raining on the habitat

the cone of entwined coasts
a chandelier of spirits' web
moving over counted grains.

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