Thursday, December 20, 2018

A path on the globe's incisor
carving heavens to grass
a perch of stone
on the hurtling mountain
leaving streamers of skin
and bone and blood
a gap between the places
where souls enter
and where they take flight
to dark matter
the super sphere nibbled
by flying particles
dwarfing the hot earth
with indifferent magnitude
cluster on transparent cluster
in ascending chains
to the heart's core
of coalescing gravities
in shifting orbits
a shaft of broken tree length
pointing to the collapsed diamond
in the ribs of a fallen boar
and the substance for eating
and the outer shells colliding
with nothingness into form
with space full
and jungles of plenitude
foaming into plastic
the ancient soul in heels
and headdress
of lactating rubber.

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