Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Electrical limbs of distinctive womanly music
that liquid metal falls into my faithless corridors
riverbanks honking on ice to barricade a thin head
that remembers them,

the skull coming apart like a pomegranate shell
lime skinned ants on fire in the graves returning
fronds of earth rhythm that intercept the moon
and spark purple radiance
an ark of lilies and juniper

gods thumping the water in an obscene drill
while lunatic locker rooms erupt in speed and blood
and the pattern of these come apart atop a hieroglyph
letting loose arabesques that quack quack quack
the belly of a fiddle warped by water and vinegar

cutting loose and broken bowed on a high ridge
aloft in the scent of a trillion cooking chickens
swapped for a dim male and numbed
to nurse the aftermath until breathing
the curse of a painted canoe
and a long path to the sea
shitting and creaming in her lacquered spandex.

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