Monday, August 08, 2016

Scooped-out towns of the unknown,
rubbing kerosene on mattress springs,
singing to rubble fields tombs of pipe
left blazing with the echo unhired,
big squares to the sun topple prism,
lenses on floating light that imitates bright water.

Underbelly of the highway
hiked by spiders,
lasso of regret that hijacks
the intent of the dead,
fire a gun in my heart,
put the swab in my lungs to work,
italics of blood float out of my ribs
like tumbleweeds.

Overlord of the overpass
dropping apples and bicycles,
particles of darkened matter,
kisses that rescue the spirit
from a bleach on the body's crutch,
boiling pine tops that burst
the glass of the eyes with firm heights.

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