Tuesday, August 04, 2015


River alive with scum child
river alive in a last gleaming
river alive for my flesh alive is a river
river alive with morsels of pigment
of which I am a definite particle
also dying, in an airport with a bucket
of fish and mop water mixed
meal fallen and bleached
gun in the mouth gun in the mouth
such excitement!  A full tub!
Morsels for me in the excrement!
In the here ever after!  In the next
movie!  Time to die, fuck!  Yeah,
morsel.  My rage puts the paws to my hands,
I soften under claws.  Islands rise up
in the dark like tears.  My helpless anger
wears a bed like a bonnet
and eats the air from a mirror horizon
like a pork mouth of dawn.
The parking lots open like old sores,
heat's rain of shit and hate glowers down
like a shrub, like an infant.

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