Monday, April 27, 2015


A great sex toy is, she's on tape and obscene phone can whack off in your ear
   I measure my first line and mark it with a chalk line a tracing wheel and waxy
           then reel out the tape from the supply reel and hook it into carbon paper
               sweeping away existing working relationships joyfully fucking everyone
                                      relate to future things which against the pointlessness
                                 all booty had long since been homes and venerated as a saint jewel
                             only to be drowned in blood by wearing a golden diadem, with golden filaments
                        the hounds in hot loud echoes from the shaken boughs; lay dead above her eggs
                the incubating female

                   ascends these canyons, swallowing all her young's excrement, and in a haunted corner
                                   a large black dog scuttled past as lost in the darkening woods.

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