Thursday, March 26, 2015


Slabs of regret kept slab by slab on the cold
that never breaks, the hard vomit of water.
Drones on drones of death for us
served and served by the serving and serving
who serve us death on death droning
they'll study my frantic habits fuck you S government
what will be good for us for our family
idiots of state ministers of all everythingness,
you are the servants of death, you are the lingo
of death, you are the lyric of death complete,
death is all you do, mingling and mingling
          Deep in a fissure of glacier contests
          sorrow's little female hell
          comes twitching and twitching
          servants of love are death
          the tongues ministers of death are transplendent
          the false fire that makes them go out is quite original.

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