Tuesday, February 17, 2015


In the newly awakened areas more feline artists will emerge
    self-contained high-impact polystyrene animal-moles
at once the four hooves poised menacingly above;
    to excite the interstellar galaxy's outer edge trace its spiral arms
bright little highly textured dabs of his own for a long comforting licking
    a vast spherical shell of stars a robotic mission within the 186, 000 miles a second

      stretch from Earth a nonmetal charcoal briquette
   tornado torch to mimic the harmonic point
     with warmth, scent and sit in the mid-field or meridian
   simply stop struck by the most territorial observation
     the transmitters the cats were fitted with calendar, chrome-plated black dial
   for ladies unbreakable mainspring oval shape cavatina with play equipment

In the ring is the one central bulge and core surrounding the galaxy
a hollow place in his bed as elements burn

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