Sunday, December 14, 2014


Grandson with a gun
    pummeled the fake sky chamber
       had medicine in the town butterfly planetarium
     asking nothing to flower, asking all
       to flake and ash willfully, to fall down
        simmering coils of live vegetable
  building the spaceship of the dead
   the largest melted industry, teeming
            horizon-widening hacksaw eye scythe
       soothing the masochist's duck waddle
      the path of the humble anti-electrons
 those who stamenly affect no one
         steeple the pimpled hills with corrupt cathedrals
    add genitals in gilt-edged symphonic
         sheets, scrolled in gigantic piano wire
      the forefather of sorrow
 binding up his room in a wraparound keyboard
   exiting by window after window
    heater speared and counter-speared on the winter
the laundromat a halo of soda candy and porno
  porch chairs ciggy butts and raw diapers
                              goodwill clothes and half-rotted sneakers
                                                            lapsed currency clotted in the pop of the heels
                                                         undying fury of intellect, brow's cloud inter-oriented
                                                                                                     to yellow roses and the punch
                                                                                                                of the yellow moon.

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