Sunday, November 16, 2014


Forms of primitive love
         in the last unviewable boudoir,
 dynamite rabbit ears candling
          on the high motel's ancient TV,
   stacks of prophets
  on the coffee table, no organic light,
                  an unswallowed protest
                    hovering in the air like a law,
                  vent opens twilight through the numbered door
                  like a cop's lightstick,
tongues blight a series of searing pipe organs
                                   thistles high in the tumult's hair of destroyed melody,
                                                                  the holocaust of popular illusions complete
                                       in the baby doors of the skull, numbed authority petulant
                                                                                                     leopard-print rims
                                                                                         on the orbs of the far-seeing
                                                                                            schoolmarm machine gun,
                                                                                          unfettered barrenfoot flower,
                                         an erring wave of perfecting fire,
                                          fringe cutting inner space
                                      chronosucculent tar and feather
                                          the idol of the fallen
                                              multiplying in armchairs

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