Sunday, March 16, 2014


 From the pit               washing away

        rock that walled it in cast cool shadows, and polished to a satin
                     ivy on drainpipe plasma drips into the tubules
        blood of the bull, the follower of brackets for handrail mould

                                                                    These light rays the water unfurls
                                                                     nothing shall bar the lesser part words are
                                                                     or reaping angels who shall come to distort
                                                                     shall carry

 The river, trout are active all through the geyser area
          a hammer, pitons, spring clips nylon tape

        As the day ends we have never been able to photograph
                                gulls flock close to catch their evening

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Iulia Flame said...

I heard this wise saying during the past few days: an effortless method of gathering gold is to place a rubber doormat on the bed of a gold-bearing creek, and leave it there in the fall--come spring, check your mat, and the gold specks will have gathered in the geometric empty spaces of the mat, while the dross has washed away.