Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I want to go back to a place of sadness and drink the water there
Until I am full and clean with it
To let my childless future, my childless friends sing along
The path flickering through days what remains of my secretive spirit
Of any remnants not healed into gold
To december the heated orchestra into deep sleep
And lucid there, eyelashes frosted looking to an ocean
Of memory's ash, so many in the wastes of the earth
To be kissed awake by madness
Until all the caged sing the spotted sun into radio errors
And the anima speaks dance in woman and man
And in all the translations between them
And the sparks lie down to be anointed by ice
In the depth of their territory
With the fragrance of a monk's incensed cave speaking to multitude
And the sodium insistence of the moon
And the few, hurt boundless who must live in this time of dying
With the dome of their present cracked by celestial collapse
Who bring the fire of their happiness to an invisible altar
And cannot sleep to move with this world of tongues

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raw poetry by donna snyder said...

egad, Luke. you have a voice that transcends personal experience and speaks for us all.