Monday, November 25, 2013


To add wonder to message
all these subjects were taken out
in raccoon territory
they raged and raged at dumpster fires

in the fiery dark, they learned a lesson over and over again
their mattresses were soaked in tears and all their agony was music
they moved like dowsers, navigating a slight deception in the breeze
they turned a mess of corner, dragging a train of eyeballed kerchiefs,

moving their mandibles around candy bars with famous names,
stalling the traffic with a murmur, blades loose on their back pockets,
who know about the errors of childrearing, and the sanctuary of the wounded
who know about the handwringing of the dead, which is imaginary


raw poetry by donna snyder said...

All their agony was music.

In the past, their ecstasy was, too

raw poetry by donna snyder said...
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