Friday, October 11, 2013


I am watching you burn yourself down,
and I can see how I am doing it, too,
in our own ways we go faltering,
time is dismembered by us;
and we follow it, very angrily, laughing

Whole bodies flung to the geodes
photographed, to the fictional solar system

body, body by death and body by life,
fighting without moving

I'm fucked up enough now to treat
my friends like angels
in the deranged way I love them
following a mantle I've never worn
through a dark I know better than
the specter who follows me, wearing
the horn of an idiot, being a human

Because you can't trust your own life,
because your own life is a stranger trapped
inside you; or because you can't talk, properly
without being seen, and are not
under any circumstances allowed
to fall over.

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Unknown said...

Wow. I was really moved by this. I like your stuff, friend :)