Monday, May 20, 2013


In automatic darkness
he reaches for a heavenly bicycle.
A skeleton stands on a plateau
over his shoulder.
The handles are bloody with dreams.
Hard-packed sand road
bluegreen with twilight
easefully going nowhere.
The waterfall's on the right.
Hold me to a slender partner,
send me deep down.

In a dawn of fur and cloud
all he can manage is to pull some birch bark
and fall down on it.
The earth is a beautiful place to sleep,
and soon birds will fall out of the sky.
Around the cemetary benches
they will peck seed
from short scraggly grass.
Send me a slender partner, send me
deep down.

In the denial of sorrow
he will be building a sun.
To cast over the bountiful local hills,
their astounding existence
that so few love and see
that so few offer the tribute
of their expectant reverberate flesh
that so few are at one with
and them only flickeringly.
Send me past the clay of my fathers
with a slender partner
send me down.

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