Friday, July 10, 2009

Carnivorous kisses under cumulous clouds,
porch restaurants, spilled premium tequilas
and your underwear stacked
high in the high chimneys on fire,
the black smoke from white cloth
smites your drunken lungs, you smooch
the underside of the table while the tennis courts
and their creature's cleats overturn the sod

So let me go, let me go, over countless
cemetery sidewalks, always toward
my bedroom stereo, and the light's
flourescent garb, and the speaker's arms

It fits with the drift of the lake
to let you fix my space heater
while I watch your legs
and all the swimmers in dust who get paid
for drifting around in hotel lobby rooms
with toolbelts on, leaving lunar footprints
on lavish rugs, the Persian patterns
taking over our hairlines as we whiskey-breathe
in front of the last TV

So let me go, let me go, through the old mailbox
into the old house, with its rugs of moss
and its forest entranceways, towards the cousins
of its old foundation, lichen-painted,
and meekly fall down all the old wells at once

And in the laughter of slaves, this last hour,
one detects a strange note of grandeur
as if the disease of these pigeons
pretty near our bare feet were a message
or a cure being sent for us
through planetarium skies
you take your haircut
towards the eyes of the dead, hoping
for a compliment to be carved
into the walls of your softest flesh.
Patio remembrances, forced dance-steps,
twilights on an endless loop to take you
to the same observance of an unobserved place

So let me go, just let me go,
to the tree-frog's suckerfeet like an alarm
attached to the trunks, and walk my last mile
in the smell of bundled meat, roaming radios
in black and white kitchens, to see myself
in a mansion's silver drain

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