Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My lil' ladylove & I sat by the river with a friend today & I scrawled this like a song while she strummed a guitar & the dog dug a hole...

acne-eyed, bashful bodies move
under the concrete bridgework,
looking hard for a last egg to crack
on their master's stone mask

long cat tongues, come green-pink
out of the river's headstart
pricking the air, pricking the air
around the Japan of our pretty dog

and his ears, and his ears
pick up on, pick up on the river people
the river people moving the current so good wrong
with their long hands long


Anonymous said...

Great images, you.

LukeBuckham said...

Oh, thank you! I'm lucky to have them all around me...

Unknown said...

Picture from Iceland? You look like a Nordic fellow.
Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday."
Love you always.

LukeBuckham said...

Ah, thank you much. Yes, the picture is from Iceland, the most beautiful outskirts of that fine island.