Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday you gave birth to several children;
now every one of them is living on the sidewalk!
right in front of your house. Two are experiencing!
similar nervous breakdowns; the others, who seem!
to be mushed together and perhaps numberless,
are struggling toward the curb in order!
to smash their teeth on it.!

And the noises they make when doing so!
make the water flowing out of the sink's faucet!
wobble on its way toward my hands,
and the rust color it had has been replaced by silver,
and the dishes I am about to wash!
look like something I will never actually touch;
though that is not a possible appearance, and never will be!

Those children are making the linoleum crack;
they are making yesterday's rusty water!
leak out of my eyes, and the sky is heavy and low!
like a dome cage covered with vines!
that surrounds the neighborhood.!

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