Monday, October 02, 2023

Time's folded
and it can't
unstick and flow

I ride a spiderwebbed spyglass
across a bridge of dinosaur bones
to see you are the eye of the storm
that enwraps my life

belts running mineral scythes
around abandoned planets
could not cage you
in their ancient ways

I wait in a suit of extinguished wings
I wait for your love in a chair
that has just stopped smoking

you stand on a waterfall's lip
while the lexicon of light
pours out from under you

and I am laughing in the leaves
on the water's glaze
that ride to the whirlpool's fade.

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Stalk's blood path of beheaded flowers
shimmering atop green rods of light
casting hooks into the sunset
that hauls them up for one last gasp
as the shells on the bottom of the ocean
drink from life
and the rusty crests of hills
rustle in the gulp
of enveloping power

I shrink wrap time's frozen morsel
and put it deep in a fire breathing trunk
whose hinges are matching the fingernails
of one who watches me depart
like saltless meat
into the belly of a vast slug

fissures darting on a spaceship's hull
that writes my name in liquid metal
to be sealed by her vision's flood
while the dams break bread for mud
the pines and ice of my surrender
roads painted for a globe's December
seed's pulsing root of crude.
The moon's wisps of cloud-caught light
rake the cracked auditorium
grasses with gummy eyes
spying through wrecked window frames
to the painted sperm and egg
of rain-swept prairies.

To a palace of glued leaves
to a blue and tide-high October
earth clenching its mad seams
oozes purple wrath
from lips beneath miles of red clay
the baked roofs of cobweb synagogues

forked lightning's promise of grapes
not aged or dried
by the singing scythe.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

You've got that red fire
that I want on my tongue
you sculpt ponds
into orbs of dark light
and globes for the heads
of soothing scepters
you animate
the dining rooms
of the dead
with electric scars
and lay down
laminated aisles
for storms to flow in rows
and forms to find their vegetable matter

I dream of a dock
where dreams are finally fellated
in moonlight dream
like a lover of unmapped planets
dream with the yeast in my head
for the bread of my brain
hot bitch swollen
with the milk of my seed
drowning in daylight
drowning in the lightning script
of a metallic morning
drowning in the dreams of the damned
who sacrifice for a phantom

branches of space travel
are a tunnel of Christmas wreaths
and the trees on their wings are flying
when your desire brings my bones
to their desired end
staring upward into the infernal nexus
your beauty on stakes of rain
in the graveyard of my wars
a cabin for flowing water.
The butterfly's shadow
on a battered shade
scarves whipping in the air
around her in her flowering tresses
and flowered dresses
cracking the concrete walls
where she walks in twilight's fertile abandon

huntress of crushing songs
on golden paths that shine within
a magnolia orchard
the gnarled arms slowly spouting cones
that drop to her foot marked ground
and surrounding hallways of highway
for days of pain erased by her lips
prayers for her knees and hips
that I cast on a wailing wave.

Monday, September 25, 2023

She shakes
the veins between worlds
and the squirrels' tails
flying along the sides
of heaving rivers
she makes rabbits jump
electric shade
and the raided palace
erupt with healing paint
she makes the fences
bow and scrape.

Throngs in newsprint underwear
follow her down the pier
and into the dark water.
She has touched the sky
with colors like cracking ice,
made benches on bronze wings
fly up above
the trapped neighborhoods.

I sit on one that wobbles
through tortured knots of cloud
that push the quiet part
of heavy music
and melt the electric sword.

An ocean of leaves
opens up as I fall
past her mirth
and return to Earth.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Drag step elevated alleyways
a glitch in machine eyes
that leaves empurpled vertebrae licking life
boomerang journeys from a broken keychain
mouths grasping from beneath a conveyor belt
numb stacks of rubbery dolls
long bending poles of ancient light
wolf cubs tumbling a sun sacked valley
ghosts hand in hand on ice
blades hung from enveloping branches

lava crapped like candy
from a bank of alien clouds
five dragon tongues in one
our reaching DNA
pawing at the walls of this velvet matrix
that wraps the curtains in walls
and the walls in fire that has thoughts
green moon on the mushrooms and moss
fate gone to the river's branches
trees nude to the air that rends.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wrapped in the result
of these barren days
I become an astral flower,

tides of orange paint
cover the staircase,
shadows of searching fingers
the spokes of enraptured wheels
formed from living water,

tubs of rotten wheat
that give birth to
a wounded slew of eyes,

the entropic mercy of rusted metal
planted in the camera's guts
a butterfly's blinking knives
the desert soaked in galactic color
a row of tribes

climbed cliffs of milk
to nuzzle roots
of the tongue tip mother,
laid out the breathing stones
with names and dried stripes
of bloody fur, the frames
of a desolate professor
unlearned by yearning rifts
between male and female.

Friday, September 22, 2023

There is a branch of heaven
reserved for certain redheads
a feather of melodic lunacy
that hovers eternally.

There are high crossbeams
that drip with blue and white birds.

Webs of light that broke
under the weight of gorgeous coal.

An octopus beak
lost in a chorus of wires
saddled with freaks
and thrashing for ancient fire.
Harmonies cracked
within their shells,
the split hairs
of whispering wires.

Skyscrapers bending like reeds
in the tumults and catacombs
of her hair,

spilling from starry clouds
and maps of blue thread
weaving mountains of dark matter
rose tinted sanctuaries of glass
her curvature of turned gardens
flightless wings in round pools.